Monday, March 5, 2012

today i have a ONE YEAR OLD.

Aubrey's first birthday party was a success--look out for some posts later this week when things are more calmed down around here, & we don't have crepe paper & favor bags overflowing our home.  For now, here are 12 fun facts about my 12 month old!

1. Aubrey is a pro walker now, & is even starting to run.  It's the cutest thing watching her toddle around the house.  She is so proud of herself!

2.  Aubrey is becoming obsessed with Mickey & Minnie.  I let her watch the "Hot Dog" song portion of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse each morning & she claps & dances.  If she sees something with Minnie or Mickey at the store she will point & say, "Ooooh!"  

3.  Aubrey got sick for the first time this month!  It was very sad but she is slowly getting better.  The only upside of all this was she was SUPER cuddly, I ate that right up.

4.  Aubrey switched to whole milk last week!  Ohh how nice it is to not drop $25.00 a week on formula anymore!  I'm hoping I'll never have to buy it again.  She didn't even notice the difference.

5.  When you ask Aubrey, "How old are you?" she holds up a "one" with her finger & then claps for herself.  

6.  Diaper changes are SO challenging these days.  She just wants to roll over & I end up having to basically pin her down as she screams while I change it.  Intense.

7.  If it were up to Aubrey, she would eat blackberries, raspberries, or blueberries for every single meal.  At least I don't have to worry about her not getting enough antioxidants!

8.  Still in 9-12 month clothes, & size 3 diapers.

9.  She loves her dinosaur bike & will get on it, & smile/wave at me until I push her on it.  I'm pretty sure I do it 20+ times  a day, but it just makes her so happy!

10.  Aubrey only takes one (early afternoon) nap a day now, for about 2.5-3 hours.  That's more hours than when she had two naps!  I kind of miss her after the first two hours..but not quite enough to wake her :)

11.  When Aubrey was sick, we let her sleep with us & I just loved it.  Not quite wanting to be co-sleepers or anything (I need to have privacy with my husband at night!) but I loved the few nights snuggling in bed with her, & she did, too.

12.  Aubrey can mimic words pretty well--& her latest new word is "Meee-eeeeh" (Minnie). Soo cute!

Such a big girl now!


  1. She does look so big in that last picture!

  2. she is just too adorable!!!

  3. welcome to the toddler club :)
    Amen to #4 and I'm right there with you on #6---so hard!

  4. Awww what a sweetie. Glad to hear the party was a success. I remember my house was a TORNADO after my little ones party.

    - Sarah

  5. Happy Birthday Aubrey!! I nominated you for the sunshine award!

  6. so cute! brady loved the hot dog song, too :)

  7. What a cute little 1 year old! Happy 1st B-Day to Aubrey.
    She is so cute and sounds like mama is so crazy in love with her adorable little girl! Love your blog, and Aubrey is so lucky her mama has done this, she will be so thankful to see what her life was like as a little tot.