Monday, April 9, 2012

easter & 23rd birthday weekend!

We had a weekend jam-packed full of fun over here!  My birthday fell on Easter this year, so we had  a double whammy celebration.  Here's what we did this weekend:

 Friday night we went to BJ's with my family & I got to devour my favorite dessert ever- a pazookie!  Aubrey enjoyed a few bites too :)

PS - I'm blonde again, yay!  No one ever let me go back brunette, ever!  

Saturday my best friend, Nikki, my mom & I went out to breakfast & caught up.  After that Nikki & I got pedicures--it felt FABULOUS to be pampered while chatting it up with my bestie :)

Sunday was Easter of course, so we decided to be a total cheesy family & bring our tripod to the park by our house & take a family picture, which you might have saw yesterday.  We also took some pictures of Aubrey opening her first Easter basket. (from us) 

In yesterday's post, a few of you asked where I got my outfit.  The shirt & skirt are from Downeast Basics (LOVE that place!) & the heels are from Charlotte Russe.  Aubrey's cute little Easter dress was a present from her grammy--she got it from Nordstrom.  Steve wanted me to let you all know his outfit was from JCPenny. ;)

See those crazy high heels I'm wearing in the picture above?  Quick story to share: We went to visit our friend who was in the hospital Easter morning, & on the way walking in I totally started wobbling, tripped, had a group of people run over & caught me in the nick of time -- while I dropped & shattered my precious iphone! (Luckily I wasn't carrying Aubrey).  I've NEVER been able to walk in heels so don't ask why I thought I would be able to with these dangerously high ones.  But they matched so perfectly, & it was buy one, get one for $10.00--so vanity & frugality won.  Thanks to my wonderful hubby for spoiling me & getting me the new Iphone 4 S for a late birthday present :)

Later that day, we went to Grammy & Papa's for a fun little egg hunt with the grandchildren, followed by a delicious ham & potato dinner that did NOT disappoint. 

 Aubrey rockin' her Violet Belle Boutique..

We ended the Easter/Birthday holiday off with a yummy cake batter ice cream cake.. it was amazing.

Hope all of your Easter's was fantastic!


  1. Lisa,
    Love your blond hair and the style is so cute! Your family photos are so cute, and I can see Steve has lost weight, he looks great! It looks like you had a wonderful birthday and you lucky girl, I wish I had the latest IPhone. Aubrey looks adorable in her Easter dress and like she is having a great time with her baskets. Happy Birthday pretty girl!

  2. Ok Lisa I just have to tell you I have been reading your blog for like a year now and I am so grateful you share your life with us all! You are such an inspiration - a good mommy, great wife, true to your faith, and gorgeous! I can tell you are such a sweet person. I love your blog.

  3. Happy birthday! I love your hair blonde! Too funny about tripping in those cute heels! hahah glad you were ok though, I told ya those looked dangerously high! lol

  4. glad u had a good weekend Happy belated birthday. welcome to the 23 club. hope your ok. shame about ur iphone but what a wonderful hubby you have to get you a new one. aubry looks gorgeous in her outfit and urs is lovely suits you loads

  5. Happy Birthday!! Looks like you had a great weekend! I love your hair either way beautiful mama!! :) I just live the fam picture (and the outfit recaps lol)

  6. where are the cute little lace leggings from? I love them :)

  7. Hey! They were actually sent to me from a sponsor, but lots of etsy shops sell them! just search on etsy "toddler lace leggings" Hope that helps! :)

  8. Hey! They were actually sent to me from a sponsor, but lots of etsy shops sell them! just search on etsy "toddler lace leggings" Hope that helps! :)

  9. Thanks Lisa!! :) ..Do you have a utube account by any chance? if you do I'd love to check out your channel :)