Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Just because my kid is cute, Part 2

Aubrey's level of cuteness is at an all-time high these days.  Every single day her personality grows more & more & is learning SO much!  It is crazy (& scary) how much she knows & understands already in her short thirteen months of life.  

We were at the post office the other day sending off some Violet Belle Boutique orders & Aubrey was in the stroller as we waited in line.  She kept making this loud growing noise, over & over again.  She kept getting louder & louder & started pointing at the wall.  I looked to see what she was pointing at & there was a picture of a tiger on the wall!  I started laughing--I didn't even know she knew that animal sound.  She was so proud of herself & when I said, "Good job, you are right! That's a tiger!" she started clapping for herself. :)

Miss sassy pants shakes her finger at us & says, "no no no!" whenever we either tell her no, or if she knows she's not supposed to be doing something (like playing with the blinds).  We're trying to break her of this habit, but it's SO hard not to laugh when she does it!

Aubrey's ALWAYS blowing kisses at people.  She also loves doing it to herself in the mirror.  She is turning into such a little love these days & is always giving us hugs, kisses, & cuddles.  For this I am SO thankful!

If I ask Aubrey questions, "(Are you hungry?  Do you need your diaper changed? etc.) sometimes she will answer back, "Yeh!"  

When we're about to leave somewhere & I open the front door, Aubrey will say, "Gooooo!" Or if she sees something far away she wants to walk to (like the swings at the park) she will point & say, "Goo!"  It's adorable.

She can do the hand movements to "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" & "Itsy Bitsy Spider".  And of course claps for herself at the end of the song!

That's all the cuteness for this week--I literally write down things on a notepad so I don't forget the little things she does.  She is killing me these days!  So funny.


  1. Dying at that picture of Aubrey!! So cute! Sounds like she is doing so many cute new things and is smart as a whip, good job mama!!

  2. She is just adorable! Love that picture of her!! She definitely deserves a post just because she cute ;)

  3. As a mum to a 16 month old little boy, I'm so excited for the arrival of his little sister in July! Until then I look at other peoples baby's and wonder how different raising a girl will be. Congratulations you have an amazing family!

  4. OMGSH I am taking a child development class right now and Aubrey is SO advanced. What a smart, gorgeous baby you have!!!!