Monday, April 16, 2012

Our Monday.

We got Daddy all to ourselves all morning long, after he worked the last 8 days in a row.  There were too many days that he left before we woke up & came home after bedtime.  What a rockstar we have as the man in both mine & Aubrey's lives!  You'll barely ever hear a complaint come out of his mouth.

Daddy took us out to breakfast, then we went to the lab to get some bloodwork done (mommy), ran to the post office to send off more Violet Belle orders, & of course--hit up the park!  Here's what our day looked like:

With daddy at breakfast.

Saying "Hi!" to the customers across the way.

 LOVING having daddy all to herself on the swings!

 You're cool with the slides now..

 Mommy rockin' her Violet Belle--since Miss A won't keep hers on--ever!

 Sure love this little girl!

Hope all of your weekends were fantastic! XOXO


  1. What a fun day! I soo know how you feel with your husband working 8 days in a row...except it has to be 10x worse because you have Aubrey! I love all of your colored jeans...cute!

  2. Ok. You are gorgeous (and have AMAZING style! Love the mint jeans!) You daughter is soo cute and looks just like you, too! You guys are an adorable family, so glad I found your cute blog.

  3. What a fun day with daddy! Aubrey's hair looks like it is getting quite long, she looks so happy playing with mom and dad and so cute! Lisa you look gorgeous as always!
    Glad you had a nice family day with daddy/hubby.

  4. blood work huh? ;)

    I know how you feel. Jer practically works 24/7 so when he has a whole day (or let's be honest even a half day) off it feels like christmas! :)

  5. I miss having mornings like that.. now they only happen on weekends.