Wednesday, April 4, 2012

thirteen months.

I told myself I would stop these monthly posts after Aubrey turned twelve months.  I lied.  I might not do them every month--& I don't have onesie stickers to take monthly pictures anymore...but she is still growing & doing new things, & this is basically her baby book.  So yeah.  It's a doozy.  So anyways, Aubrey is 13 months old today!  Here is what she has been up to:

-She walks/runs everywhere now!  She can also climb onto the couches & ottomans.  She hasn't figured out the beds yet, though.  

-She learned a few new words this month!  Cheese, (Teeeez), Ball, (Bawwww), & I forget what else.  She knows about ten words now, that little scholar.  

-She is OBSESSED with brushing her teeth.  Makes this former dental office employee so proud!  

-Had her 1 year check up this month & was 22 lbs, & 31 inches.  Long & lean, taking after her mommy & daddy.  

-Got sick AGAIN.  Luckily it wasn't too long, but still so sad to see my lovebug in discomfort/pain.

-Aubrey takes one three hour nap a day.  Soooo much nicer than when we had to plan around two short naps.  

My once non cuddly baby has turned into such a little love.  She is always giving us hugs & kisses.  I still rock her to sleep every night & just cuddle with her in the rocking chair for as long as I want.  It's the best.   I'll probably do it until she's 15. 

-Whenever Aubrey hears a knock on the door, she starts saying, "Daddy?" (Dah-EEH) & runs her little legs to the door & tries to open it.  It's adorable.  

-She can roar when we ask what a lion says & bark when we ask what a doggy says.  

-When Aubrey is doing something mischievous & I say, "no, no" she waves her pointer finger, shakes her head, & imitates me. "No! No!" 

-Aubrey has this cute play cell phone & it plays a few songs.  One of them makes her cry because it says "Goodbye!" in it.  She seriously cries every time.  Her little lip quivers & she lets out this sad little cry.  It's so sweet/sad!  She doesn't want the song to end.

- Aubrey is a total girly girl.  She loves putting on her shoes, my shoes, wearing my necklaces, putting on her sunglasses, she even likes to wear headbands now if she sees me put them on me first.  When she sees me put on my chapstick/lip gloss, she imitates me & puts whatever she's holding to her lips.  I'm loooving this. :)

Basically, Aubrey is at a very fun, curious age & thinks I'm the funniest person ever.  I love it & her SO much!  Every month is getting more & more fun.  


  1. Awww I know. It's like admitting you have a toddler when you still want the title baby. At least if you still do the monthly posts she still feels like a baby =)

    - Sarah
    A Girl In Transit

  2. I want her little jean jacket/leggings outfit. Too cute!

  3. Wow! She is such a smart little 13.5 month old boy is still in the "caveman" stage of grunts and growls and very few words :)

    we are still napping twice a did you guys drop that second nap? I feel like Jack still needs that morning nap...

  4. I told you she would get more cuddly!

  5. where did you get those cute sandals she is wearing? i have been looking everywhere but can't find anything cute!

  6. Thanks guys! :) @sarah - Her sandals were from Babies R US!

  7. Thanks Lisa! I can't wait to see if our Babies R Us has them.