Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Heads up: This is just going to be one of those writing this down so I don't forget it posts.  Sorry, no cute pictures of Aubrey or funny stories here today!

Aubrey has been "talking" up a storm lately.  I'm always amazed when I hear her say a new word--especially when we didn't really try to teach it to her, she just learned herself by hearing it all the time. Just this month, she has added about 8 words to her vocabulary. Babies  Toddlers really are sponges!  Makes me want to be even more aware of things I say, watch, & listen to.  You never know what this kid will pick up!

Here's Aubrey's list of words that she knows & uses regularly at 13.5 months old.

-Mama (but only when she's whining or wants something. sigh.)

-Daddy (Dah-Eeh)

-Hi (her most common word, she says it to everyone all the time!)

-Bye (She says while waving.)

-Pretty (Another one she says all the time--she knows that necklaces, flowers, headbands, & bows, are "Pih-eeh".  Cute.)

-Shoes. (This kid is obsessed with Choooooz!)

-Cheese. (Another obsession.  Teeeez!)

-Go!  When I open the front door if we're about to leave, or she sees me grab the keys, or she'll point somewhere she wants to go & say it.

-Tree.  This was one of her very first words besides mama & daddy.  Random!  She will say it while pointing to trees & bushes. "Tee"

-Baby.  This one melts my heart.  "Bay-eeh"  

-Ball.  She's her father's daughter.

-Ba-Ba.  (for bottle.)

-Bubbles.  We discovered bubble the first time the other week, & she LOVES them.  She calls them "Bubbuzz".


-Uh oh.  (That counts as a word, right?)

-No! (Was hoping she wouldn't know this one for a while, but she only says it if we tell her no first at least.)


-Yeah.  Trying to get her to say, "yes" instead.  Not working :)

-Whoa!  One of her cutest :)

-Toy.  (When I open her toybox, she'll either say Whoa! or Toyyyyz!"

-Milk.  Sounds like "mell"

-Minnie.  Oh, how she loves Minnie. :)

So there you have it.  The 22 words that fill Miss Aubrey Jane's sweet mouth.  

Okay, let's be serious.  I have to have at least ONE picture for every post. :)  Here's Aubrey wearing Violet Belle Boutique's latest item: The Lace Petti Ruffle Romper.  


  1. Wow...your kid is super advanced! My 15 month old can barely say 3 words haha! You've got a super cute little genius on your hands. :)

  2. lucky you philip wont say anything but cat!!! thats all its been for months! everything is cat. he has just started saying bubba (bubbles) bir (bird) but thats it and hes 20 months grrrr

  3. Love toddler pronunciation of words...too cute! It seems like she talks a lot! Do you work with her? Or do you just have a baby genius on your hands? ;) Also, just wondering, where did you get that necklace in the picture of you and Aubrey wearing your sunglasses? I am in love with it! Hope your week is going great :)

  4. Thanks guys! And Kiri, the necklace is from H&M. I LOVE it & wear it all the time--it can match so many colors! Oh and yes, I work with Aubrey a ton! We have flashcards & word books that we do every day. -Then again she has just picked up most of these words!

  5. You are such a great mommy! I think it is wonderful you work with Aubrey each day. She looks so cute in that black romper.

  6. What a good momma you are :) Thanks for the info on the necklace! I seriously might have to check if our h&m has one...I love it! lol