Tuesday, April 3, 2012

zoo day.

My mom & I took Aubrey, & my nephew/niece to the zoo today!  It was Aubrey's first time. (Second time if you count the one in Hawaii but she was asleep in her stroller the whole time).  It was so fun to see her react to seeing all the different animals.  She also "roared" at pretty much every single one.  She scrunches her nose & does this deep growl noise & says, "Rawwwr!"  Super freaking cute.  We need to work on our animal noises more though-- Birds don't growl, sweetie. 

We also headed over to "Fairytale Town" for a bit since it is right across the street from the zoo.  SUCH a cute place to take toddlers.  I can't wait to bring her back with Steve, especially when she is a little older.  So much fun!


  1. I wish we had a fairy tale land near us! That looks fun.

    Love the shot of you and Aubs with the giraffe in the background. Cute!

  2. looks like so much fun. we took nicolas when he was about three months and he slept the entire time also so i think we're due for another trip!

    love her outfit!

  3. Zoos are the best! I can't wait to take my little man this year!!!

  4. What a fun day with grandma and the cousins.
    We had my daughter's birthday at Fairy Tale Town when she was 5 and all the kids had so much fun! You and Aubrey look gorgeous!

  5. You look like a Disney princess!! Such pretty eyes and hair. Your daughter also looks just like you, SUPER pretty little girl. Glad you guys had such a fun day!

  6. I love Aubrey's outfit! So cute!!