Friday, May 4, 2012

fourteen months.

I have a fourteen month old today.  Every day is an adventure.  This kid gets naughtier, messier, smarter, & cuter every single day.  I'm kind of loving this crrrazy stage, but oh does it have it's challenges!

-I have an extremely active baby.  She does not like to sit--on laps, in high chairs at restaurants, in shopping carts, in church, in a stroller.  Anywhere.  Makes for exciting trips.  I'm constantly having to let her walk (run!) around & take little "breaks" from sitting.

-I already wrote in this post about what words she is saying these days, but since then she has added a couple to the mix: "Please" & "Thank you".  Haha, I didn't even plan to teach her these very polite words that go so well together, but they happened to be ones she caught on to the past week or so.  She says thank you (Tay-you) when I hand her something.  And I am making her say please before I give her things. (When I remember)  What a polite little tot!

-Aubrey is still a very good eater, but she isn't a HUGE fan of chicken, which is unfortunate because chicken & turkey are pretty much the only sources of meat we eat around here.  She LOVES fruit & veggies, thank goodness.  (I'm aware this can change at any given time!)  I'm still kind of a nazi about her having sweets--a little bite or two here or there is fine but I'm bound & determined to have not have a sugar crazed child.  She is wild enough without sugar!

-Aubrey is so, so tall!  At her one year appointment, I think she was 30 inches.  People always think she is older because of this-and the fact that she is smart as a whip doesn't help either!

^ Aubrey plays peek a boo by covering her mouth instead of her eyes--we find it rather humorous.

-She has so many new teeth this month!  Chewing food has gotten so much easier for her.  Teething wasn't terrible this time around, either, which was great for all of us. :)

-My naughty girl loves to do things she shouldn't. :)  She can open doors now, & she loves sticking her hands in the toilet.  I really need to get some door baby proofing gadgets!  I'm constantly chasing after this girl--who needs cardio when you have Aubrey?  She also loves throwing food when she's done eating.  They aren't kidding when they say toddlers are messy!  She also gets a thrill from pulling out all her wipes one at a time.  She's so fast at it!

-When I take pictures of her she will say, "Cheeeeese!" & does this crazy smile:

I definitely have one charismatic, full-of-personality, active beauty on my hands, but she sure is a ton of fun and keeps us entertained constantly.


  1. She looks like such a fun little girl! I bet you two have a blast together :)

  2. I LOVE her "cheese" face!! and I literally "LOL'D" at the fact that she plays in the toilet! haha

  3. WOW!!! Your daughter and mine (Gemma) not only share the same birthday but they could be twins based on their personalities. I think it's more fun having a little spitfire girl though! Sounds like you do too:) Gemma isn't snuggly, unbelievably stubborn, but that little gleam in her eye keeps me on my toes! Just signed on to follow your blog and I love it!