Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Iphone Photo Dump!

Here's what we've been up to lately, according to my iphone.  

Considerate little thing even gives her stuffed animals a ride :)

Mother's day!

There's just no way to say no to this munchkin when her face lights up when she sees the carousal  at the mall.

 Please daddy?

And daddy said yes. :)  She is obsessed with her big girl chair!

 First time hittin' the pool this year!

You guys might have noticed my new header up there!  Isn't it darling?  Mint + Chevron = my two favorite things these days!  My ever so talented friend Heather is such a pro & can make you any kind of header you want.  She is extremely creative!  Email her at heathergib1@gmail.com for inquiries.  Pricing starts at $25.00


  1. LOVE her little piggies!!! I can't wait t be able to put Olivia's hair in pigtails!!

    Where is her little chair from? It is adorable!! :)

  2. What a good idea to on iPhone dump! Need to do that on my blog sometime. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, can you tell me where you got that adorable swimsuit? I would love to get that for my daughter (15 months).

  3. my has she grown! love the pics, thanks for sharing!!

  4. she is just so adorable! and getting very big!!

    i wanted to ask you, how do you like that little tikes (i believe it's the brand) swing? i really want one for my 12 month old.


  5. @ Tara-- the swimsuit was a birthday gift but it is from Target!! I think I saw some there a couple weeks ago. I agree--pretty darling!! :) Thanks!

    @sarah-- The little tikes swing is at my mom's house, but Aubrey sure does love it! All the grandkids do! Highly recommend :)

  6. Thanks for replying Lisa! I'm making a Toys R Us run this week to pick up a little pool so I'll check out the swing!