Friday, June 1, 2012

9 weeks

How far along? 9 weeks.  This pregnancy is already going by so fast!

Total weight gain/loss: Down three pounds.. :/

 Maternity clothes? Nope.

Stretch marks? Nope.

Best moment this week: When my husband got home from working out of town all weekend.  We haven't spent a night apart in years! 

Miss anything: The feeling of being hungry.  Now I just eat because I know I have to!

Movement: No, but I swear I feel stuff going on in my lower abdomen.  Not the baby moving obviously since it's only the size of an olive, but I feel...stretching-like movements down there.  

  Food cravings: Chewing ice.  My doctor said it's a sign of anemia, (which I have, severely).  But as far as food, nothing sounds very good these days.  

Anything making you queasy or sick: I thought I started feeling better this week until my best friend was over to visit and mid-conversation I had to run to the bathroom to throw up.  Thank goodness she's a nurse and it didn't faze her!  But anyways, yes, still feeling sick.   

Have you started to show yet: Nope.

  Gender: Who knows! Part of me thinks that it's a boy since I'm so sick this time around, but this pregnancy I've been taking progesterone supplements to prevent miscarriage so that might be making me sicker.  Also, I had to take Clomid to become pregnant.  So it's just a wayy different pregnancy!  Can't wait to find out, although I have no preference this time.  (Last time I'd be lying if I said I didn't want a girl!)

Labor Signs: Nooo!
  Belly Button in or out? In

Wedding rings on or off? On!

Happy or Moody most of the time: Even during the yucky times, I'm happy to know I've got a healthy baby inside me!  Every twinge of nausea is a sign that baby is growing & developing.  

Looking forward to: Our next appointment! 


  1. Lisa, only you could manage to look fashionable, pretty, AND have a perfect bod during pregnancy. You go girl!

  2. Sorry you are feeling so sick... hope it passes soon! You look great :)

  3. You look GREAT! On a side note, I just realized your daughter and mine (Gemma Lindsay) share the same birthday:)

  4. ...For feeling so sick you look great!! Love your outfit! :) Can't wait for you to find out the gender! :)

  5. Looking great! Hopefully you start to feel better soon! My 9 month old is a Clomid baby!

  6. How long did you try for baby #2? I had to use injections to get PREGGO with #1 and have been having and very hard time and use more drugs for #2. Just curious;) maybe you could simply answer or write a blog post about getting baby #2!;) you look so cute!!!!

  7. looking good! I can't wait to see that belly grow :)

  8. How did you know to go to the doctor for
    Clomid with this baby? I had no trouble conceiving my first but things seem different this time around. Just looking for some

  9. To both the anonymous questions: It only took a couple months to conceive baby #2, that clomid works fast! :) I had gotten bloodwork done to make sure my hormones were in balance (since I've had a miscarriage before) and I found out I wasn't ovulating on my own. So my dr had me take Clomid to induce ovulation and wa-la! It worked the first month :)

    Thanks guys!