Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Fifteen Months.

Aubrey Jane, today you are 15 months old! 

You are such a sweet, affectionate little girl.  It melts my heart to see you have such a big heart that you want to share with others.  You smother people with kisses, hugs, and "pats".  We don't even really need to ask you to give them anymore because you give them so freely now.  Sometimes when we're rocking before bed, you will look up at me and make a kissy face & plant one on me.  Then you bury your head in my chest.  I love you so, so much.

You have developed a new nickname this month.  We have always called you "Aubs" for short, or even "Aubsters".  A lot of times we call you "Little Aubsters" and if you say it really fast, it sounds like "Lobster."  So our little Lobster, I'm not sure if this nickname will stick, but is it too soon to be planning an "Under the Sea" theme party for your next birthday party because of your new nickname?  

Your daddy is your biggest hero.  When he comes through that door after a work day, I'm as good as gone.  You talk about "Dad-Eeh" all day long, & often look out the window for his big truck to pull up.  I'm so happy for you that you have such a good dad.  He loves you more than anything!  I've never seen anyone more infatuated with their little girl.  You are so lucky to have him.  Almost as lucky as he is to have YOU!

You are so talkative this month.  You say so many words.  You are up to 30 now!  You are so, so smart.  You talk gibberish all the time & it is so endearing.  You also like to do a very high pitch scream, especially in public, quiet places. It's hard to tell you no since you do it out of joy!  Speaking of the word no, that is your new favorite word.  We have officially hit the "no is the answer for everything" stage.  You want milk?  No!  (Then begs for milk) You want daddy to come home?  No!  You love mommy? No!  

I'm more than excited to give you a sibling.  I can't think of a better present to give you!  Someone to go hide with when mom and dad are mad.  Someone to play in the backyard with.  You guys will be about two years a part.  And while I know there are going to be some tough times having two toddlers (people love to remind me of that), I know that it will be worth it when you guys are the best of friends.  You don't know what's going on quite yet, but we tell you often about the baby in mommy's tummy, and you love to squeal, "Bay-beeeeh" and pat my tummy and give it kisses.  And that puts my mind at ease.  You are going to be a fantastic big sister.  You already are.

You sure are loved, sweetheart.  Hope you always know & feel that from us.




  1. She is so adorable and I love the new nickname! My kids are only 16 months apart and somedays I think I am crazy but I really wouldn't have it any other way. They are so close to one another and I love to see them play. So fun!

  2. I think that it is great that you will have 2 so close in age! I hate when people give their unwanted opinion ESPECIALLY when they are negative!! I can't wait to read about the 2 of them together! You will be busy but it will be SO fun at the same time!! :)

  3. she is to to cute!!! :) That nickname is hilarious, and your totally ok to start planning a party. My little guy is only 16 months and his second birthday is "planned" lol..i just gotta buy/make everything.

  4. This made me giggle- It just so happens that we went with the name Aubrey Grace for our newest little addition and we sometimes call her "the Aubs" & Aubster! I never did put together that little Aubster sounds like "little Lobster" hehe :) CUTE! Anyway your Aubrey's looking just as pretty as her mama. Can't wait to see what your having next!