Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My Must-Have List for Baby #2!

When I registered for baby gear/products when I was pregnant with Aubrey, I was so excited about having a girl I would just click anything that was pink with flowers on it.  What I didn't know, (or just didn't want to admit) was just because something is cute, doesn't mean it's a good quality product!  This time around I'm getting good stuff!  Plus, we want to have a house & minivan full of kiddos, so it would be nice to have all of our gear last through them all.  

#1: This stroller.  I've researched dozens of double strollers, & decided against the side-by-side kinds.  I've seen way too many mamas struggling getting through aisles in stores, etc. and they just seem so HUGE!  The baby jogger city select has tons of ways to position the kiddos, is super easy to fold/unfold, and is as gender neutral as you can get. (I'll get it in black.) Right now I have some piece of garbage from BabyTrend & I swear that stroller is possessed.  SO heavy & a pain in many ways.  The day I sell it on Craigslist will be a day I go out to ice cream!

#2: The Ergo Carrier. I had the bjorn with Aubrey, which was great until she weighed over 15-ish pounds.  It started to really hurt my back so I stopped using it.  I still plan on using it when this baby is a newborn, but I've heard from lots of friends & family how great the Ergo is.  It puts much less pressure on your back, and you can use it way longer than the bjorn.  It will come in handy for grocery trips so Aubrey can sit in the cart and I can wear the new baby.  Steve can also wear it too, since it is nice & neutral. :)

#3: The Moby Wrap. When Aubrey was a newborn, I got to hold her all day long.  I would lay there on the couch and rest with her on my chest.  She would nap on me.  I was ALWAYS holding her!  I loved always having her on me, but this time around I'm going to have another toddler to look after, so I want to get this highly-reccomended wrap so he/she can still cuddle mama while we're chasing after his/her crazy big sister.  Plus it looks comfy as ever! (It will mostly be for around the house.)

#4: A new infant car seat!  Again, I got some pink & brown flowery piece of junk from Babies R Us, and it was HEAVY, a pain to adjust, & just difficult on so many levels.  Not sure which one I will get quite yet, but if you have ANY recommendations help a mama out!  Willing to spend a pretty penny so it can last through all of our kiddos.  I want a lightweight, super-safe (duh), extremely easy to use, gender neutral infant car seat.

#5: A car seat blanket.  We are going to have an itsy bitsy January baby, and it is COLD here in January.    These look so warm and cozy for going on walks, or just getting into a chilly car.  They attach to your car seat and you can zip it up, or if it's not too cold you can leave it open.  Genius!  Wish I knew about these with Aubrey.

#6: Aiden and Anais Muslin Blankets  I didn't find out about these gems until recently, and have fallen in love!  These blankets are so, so, soft, light, cool, warm, (yes cool and warm all at the same time!) and perfect for swaddling, as a regular blanket, and all the many reasons you need a million blankets around your house.  I plan to stock up on lots for baby numero dos!

#7: Angel Care Baby Monitor I didn't have a monitor with Aubrey, since she's just a few doors down, but this monitor is not like a regular one.  It has a little mat you put under the mattress and can detect if your baby is not breathing!  Talk about helping calm a mama's biggest worry (SIDS!).  It also is a regular video monitor, and those are pretty nifty if you ask me.  When Aubrey was in a bassinet next to our bed, I would listen so carefully to make sure she was breathing and check on her every few minutes  to make sure she was still alive. (Paranoid new mama) So I was getting EVEN less sleep than I already was with having a newborn.  I think this will help a lot with that -- anything to help me feel more at ease with my baby's safety is worth it to me!  Again, soo wish I knew about this with Aubrey.

Any must haves that I'm missing for baby #2?  I realize some of these things are not exactly a PRIORITY, but they're definitely on my wish list to make things a little smoother when I have two munchkins. :)  Getting so excited over here!!


  1. I love that stroller too and am considering it for when our #2 arrives (it's just so pricey!).

    For the soft/structured carrier, you should check out the Beco Gemini and/or Butterfly II. I have both, and both are AWESOME! (and I lug around a 25+ lb 1 year old) :)

    Britax makes good carseats and the Chicco Keyfit 30 is pretty great too.

    Good luck!

  2. The Boppy Newborn Lounger is a must have!

  3. It is also good to have a white noise machine to help block out noise while baby is trying to nap, that way lil miss Aubrey doesn't have to be super quiet all the time.

  4. You are SO right about the double stroller!! I never thought of that!! Did you keep your swing and or bouncy seat? We registered for the fisher price my little lamb set and LOVED them both! (We still use the swing) Glad I can learn from you if we decide to have a number 2! :)

  5. that's so funny i'm just getting my list together too, (we're preggo with # 2 too) and I'm looking into that stroller! i've heard great things about the city mini double side by side too, my friends that have it say it isn't bulky at all!..congrats on number 2 on the way so exciting!

  6. I'm expecting #2 soon as well! I actually have the moby wrap on my list of things I wouldn't have purchased if I could go back. There is just SO MUCH fabric. That's fine if you are just using it at home, but trying to put it on before shopping or anywhere in public is just not going to happen. I really want an ergo carrier this time! We had the chicco keyfit 30 for Harrison and I really liked it, but it did seem pretty heavy and absolutely will not fit in the seat part of a grocery cart (which I am now convinced no one should ever ever do anyway, but just so you know ahead of time :) I was very easy to get in and out of the car though and he always seemed really comfy. Anyway- I'm exited to keep up with your blog as we go through the very same situation, my #2 is due within days of Harrison's 2nd birthday the end of October. Should be an adventure!

  7. angel care monitor is the BIGGEST piece of mind! used it for both my babies :) xo

  8. love it! I actually found that you can easily make the moby wrap without any sewing. Just google it. Tons of bloggers will pop up. Itll cost you a fraction of the price!

  9. I love the Ergo! I would check That's where I got mine and it was half price. They never have the black, but I got a light blue color and used it for Camille. Also, I got the Aiden and Anais, but I got the bamboo ones and they are so much softer than the regular ones...definitely a must!

  10. You'll love the stroller! I have a 2 year old and 8 week old.... We had it prior to number 2, but LOVE it for 2 kids! Also, I'd take a look at a Becco Gemini, similar ro an Ergo, but you have more options for wearing it.

  11. wow! this is a fabulous list! things you never think of when you have a first baby. im not prego now, but when i do get prego i will have you to thank for all the great tips!

  12. You chose most of my favorites! We have that stroller, the Ergo, the Moby wrap, and the A&A muslin wrap blankets, and I LOVE all of these things. I'm due with my second baby in January as well and am grateful we have those on hand because they will get daily use again with our second.

    I highly recommend the Chicco Keyfit 30 for a carseat. It's pricey but lasts until your baby is 30lbs, which means that my toddler will probably be in it until the baby takes over in January. Definitely worth all the money, so stylish (we have the green Adventure one), and it is the #1 rated carseat on Consumer Reports.