Monday, August 13, 2012

a wedding!

On Friday, our wonderful friends Grant & Lisa tied the knot - after seven years of dating!  The bride was stunning, the groom looked dapper, & the wedding was beyond amazing.  We had a fun time being in the wedding, & Aubrey was such a good little flower girl.  I mean, what 17 month old crazy active toddler walks down the aisle like an angel throwing rose petals out of a basket?  I was one proud mama!  

Here's some photos from the wedding weekend:

 Grant & Lisa at rehearsal!

 Lisa & all her bridesmaids

The whole wedding party, I had quite the handsome groomsman escort me down the aisle. :)

Aubrey getting her hair done by Grammy. (She does it best.)

 Isn't Lisa's dress amazing? Pictures don't even do it justice.


  1. looks like it was a lovely wedding aubery looked gorgeous. I'm glad she was so well behaved not many kids of that age are

  2. Can I just say how gorgeous and classy you always look? You are always covered up like a real LADY and somehow still manage to look prettiest. Also, Aubrey is to die for in that dress!!!

  3. You and Aubrey looked adorable! And I love your friends wedding gown.

  4. aubrey looks so grown up!!!! you have a beautiful family!

  5. Gorgeous ladies!! Love the brides dress!!

    The pics of you and aubrey gave me a look into the future, One day you two will look into a mirror like that on her wedding day! Awww! Such sweet pictures!! :)