Thursday, August 23, 2012

instagram photo dump!

 Mickey pancakes..

 Daddy & his water baby.

She's so good at her magnetic fishing game, this kid has got coordination!  Something I lack in for sure..

 Slidin' in her jammies.

 We got donuts for breakfast!  I only cringed a little as she gobbled it down.  I'm getting better :)

 What are you doing, mama?

 Haha, this is what her hair looks like when I take her rubber band out at the end of the day.

Even though we have 8 huge boxes of Aubrey's clothes she's outgrown, we got little sister a few new things to wear.  So dang excited for this baby!!

 Just being cute in her pony tail.

 Playing with her papa!

 Ring around the rosies..

Lunch with Auntie Nikki

 Such an angel sleeper.

New pink cowGIRL boots she picked out herself.  (Too bad they're size 6 so she can't walk in them yet!)
 Pretty sure Aubrey had the time of her life this day!

 First Jamba juice.. My first job was Jamba Juice & I was so excited to buy her her first smoothie :)

 Being silly in our hotel bathroom on our anniversary trip.

Finally got the City Select!  I'm LOVING it.

Since we're living at my mama's still we have no rocking chair, so we do our cuddle time on the couch. Love her!

 Yay!  House is almost done!!!


  1. those pictures are all so darn cute :D

    your house is beautiful by the way! congratulations.

  2. Wow I LOVE your house!! It is amazing!!!!