Friday, August 3, 2012

our big night away!

All this year, I've told myself, "We need a night away.  No baby.  Just Steve & I."  I've put it off month after month because frankly?  I HATE leaving Aubrey, even for a two hour hair appointment.  I feel anxious, in a rush, & kind of...sad.  You'd think since I'm a SAHM & with her all the time, I'd be chomping at the bit to get some time away.  I have this mom-separation anxiety thing that I never really expected.  With that said, we had our first night away!  And I survived, with minimal tears. And it was wonderful.

 For our anniversary, we decided to stay at the hotel that we stayed on our wedding night, four years ago.  The idea just kind of popped into my head & I thought it would be sweet & sentimental.  When I called to book the room, I asked if the honeymoon suite happened to be available (same room we stayed in four years back) & it was!  (Apparently not many people honeymoon on a Wednesday night! Perfect.)  After we checked in, we went to dinner at the Delta King, an 85 year old riverboat-turned restaurant/hotel.  I've always wanted to try it & it didn't disappoint!  After dinner we took a walk by the river - no stroller in tow! 
The next morning after sleeping in, (yay!) we headed out to get a couple's massage (prenatal for me!) since there was a massage parlor next door to our hotel.  It was HEAVENLY to get all those knots out of my shoulders/back from picking up my 21 pounder all the time.  

Right before we left after giving Aubrey our goodbye kisses & hugs.  And of course she had to bawl her sweet little eyes out & make mama cry on the way out to the car :/

 I got chills opening the same door as we did four years before - a little less nervous this time though ;)

 My favorite part - the floor to ceiling marble bathroom!  Dreamy!  Behind there was a two entrance shower, so want one of those someday!  I took as many showers as I could in that thing before we had to leave!

 I have a picture of me in this pose in the same spot from four years ago.

 Front of The Sterling Hotel

 Such a good date - carrying my purse.  He carries it well, no?

 Self timer shot on our "river walk"

Jumping on the bed (it's a must) before we had to check out :( (Look at that baby belly peekin' out! Becoming more obvious I think..)

We sure had a good time all by ourselves, but you can bet your bottom dollar we hurried home & smothered our little girl with loves. (Thanks grammy for watching her!!) Maybe someday we'll go on an actual week vacation somewhere non-local with no babies... give me ten years to prepare for that ;)


  1. gorgeous! you look so fabulous.

  2. Hands Down the best dressed girl I know. Do share about the pink and white outfit, and the necklace??

    Glad you had a great time!

  3. Looks like you two had a great anniversary! Congratulations!

  4. Holy gorgeous bathroom!!! I am a "bathroom" kind of girl when staying anywhere - it's a deal breaker and this is just lovely :) Happy Anniversary!

  5. Thanks girls! And anonymous - the pink shirt is from H&M, white pants from Guess, & necklace is JCrew but I got an ebay knock off ;)

  6. How did your little one do overnight?