Monday, August 6, 2012

Seventeen Months!

We are one short month away from having a one & a half year old.  Mind blowing.   

  Here are seventeen fun facts about the cute girl I spend all my time with:

1.  She hides things from me!  If she has something she's not supposed to (my phone, for example) & I tell her to give it to me, she gets this really innocent look on her face & holds it behind her back. 

2.  She loves to hug & kiss my belly & say, "Baby!" She also tries to do this to other people. I think she thinks everyone has a baby in their tummy.  So don't be offended if she does this to you :)

3.  If you ask her what her name is or show her a picture of herself, she will say, "Aubwee".  Other times she'll just say, "Pwitty".  If only we all had that self confidence?

4.  Her favorite things to play with are blocks, coloring books, reading books, & cars.  She puts them down her slide & says, "Go, go go!  Weeeee!"

5.  Still obsessed with her papa, even more now that we live with him.  She will sit in his lap for long periods of time (rare!) & constantly call his name.

6.  Her newest favorite beauty item is chapstick!  She can NOT see me put on chapstick without insisting on putting some on herself.  

7.  She is starting to put two word phrases together.  She sounds so smart & I'm always so surprised when she says a new one.  "I do!"  "Mama go?" & "No dog!"  are a few she's said lately.  Pretty cute!

8.  She is still in 12-18 month clothes & size 4 diapers, & just recently size 5 shoes.  Excited to stalk her up on fall clothes!

9.  She is learning to be a helper & does some "chores" when asked to.  She can throw things away in the trash, picks up toys, puts laundry in baskets, tries to wipe up messes, & can follow other directions like, "Go get mama a diaper, wipes, shoes, etc".  This will come in handy when baby sister comes :)

10.  She throws naughty yet hilarious tantrums.  I thought these didn't come until 2?!  Shoot.  If she is pretty upset, she will go limp (no matter if she is on a hard surface) & throw herself to the ground wailing & sometimes yelling, "Nooooo!"  I wait until she is over it, which is usually less than a minute, trying not to laugh the whole time.  It is so hard being a "mean" mommy, but I don't want her to be a brat!

11.  She still has a pacifier at nap times & night times.  I'm at a point where I don't know if I want to start weaning her or let her still have it.  The longer she has it, the more attached she will probably get, at least I think?  She still wakes up once or twice a night needing it to be put back in her mouth.  I feel like we should be getting consecutive sleep by now?!  At the same time, it's very comforting to her while she sleeps & I don't want to make her sad or scared at night.  (Tips?!)

12.  She's hot & cold with her eating habits - some days she'll eat every single thing, other days she has a bite or two of something she usually likes & then the rest will be on the ground in a hot second.  One of those confusing, frustrating toddler things that will pass in time!  She will never turn down any fruit or cheese though.  Can't blame her :)

13.  If she hears us laughing, she will start doing this ridiculous fake laugh.  Which makes us laugh even more. :)

14.  She loves ring around the rosies, & her favorite songs we sing are Itsy Bitsy Spider & Three Little Monkeys.

15. She is so easily distracted & doesn't play with anything for more than a couple minutes at a time.  Makes for very busy, but fun days!  She will be playing with blocks, then run to her slide, then get out her crayons, then knock on the window to go outside to swing.  Even when we read books we can't get through more than a couple pages before she's on to the next activity.  She is a ball of energy!

16.  Aubrey knows over 50 words now.  I have a little list on the fridge & I always write down when she says a new word. Her cutest word she says is, "Chicken."  She pronounces it "Tickee".  I'm probably the only one that can actually understand half of the words she knows. :)

17.  She loves anything to do with water.  Swimming, getting sprayed with the hose, "splashing" in the bath.  She is a water baby through & through!

Note to self: I need to take more pictures with my ACTUAL camera & not just dang instagram.  


  1. she is so so adorable!

  2. 18 month nephew has started to throw tantrums, too. But, he headbutts! Like you said, it is so hard not to laugh! Hopefully he grows out of it. Happy 17 months to your sweet babe!

  3. Your daughter is extremely pretty! And the fact that she knows 50 words just shows you are an amazing, hands on mama that talks to her all day! Great job mama

  4. She's getting so big!
    As far as the pacifier goes, I'd say wean her as soon as you can. We weaned William off of his by the time he was 1 because I knew if would only get harder later on. It might be tough at first, but it will get better and then hopefully you can both sleep through the night :) Maybe start by not letting her have it throughout the day, then when she is good with that, work on night time.

  5. Oh my goodness! I love reading about your adorable little girl! :)

  6. I think she looks so much older than a year and a half! So cute with her pig tails! Happy 17 months to her :)

  7. I love reading your posts, they remind me so much of my daughter who is 16 months...
    As far as the pacifier goes, I'm in the same boat; she only uses it at nap/bed time. Only once in a great while will she wake up and cry for it, but within a few minutes, she's back asleep without it. With my son (almost 4), we cut it out at 18 months, cold turkey, and he never really had an issue with it (maybe the first night, but that's it) - we'll do the same with her. It's great that Aubrey only uses it at night, it'll make it much easier if you do decide to wean soon! Good Luck! :)

  8. Take the pacifier away NOW.... The longer she has it the worse it is going to be.... Have her help you pack them up for the new baby and replace them with a new comfort item (stuffed animal, blanket) for her to sleep with at night.

  9. my sister in law had toddlers who were very attatched to pacifiers. She had the "pacifier fairy" visit them one night while they were asleep. She took out all of the pacifiers and replaced them with a stuffed animal. There was even some glitter sprinkling involved, how cute! That way she wasnt the bad guy for taking it away and it was kind of fun for the kids to wake up with a new toy and their bed sprinkled with gliter.