Monday, August 20, 2012

the good girl.

I don't know what has come over this little girl in the past few weeks, (in fact I am hesitant to post about it in case I jinx it!) but she has just been so.... good.

She has always been a good girl of course, no 17 month old can be BAD, but let's just say listening to her mama wasn't her strong point for the past several months.  But something happened... and it just clicked.  

She doesn't throw her food on the ground anymore.

She is patient at meals.

When I say, "No" sternly, she listens MUCH more often. In fact, whenever she is about to do something she's not supposed to do, she waves her finger back & forth, looks at me, & says, "no no no!"

I can't even remember the last time she hit anyone.

..Or the last time she had a mini toddler tantrum.

She says thank you without having to be asked.

She has just been a little sweetheart & she makes me so proud!  Apparently practicing discipline DOES work at this age, it just takes doing it over & over & over again.  That's all.  


  1. lisa...your little girl is just GORGEOUS. she looks so much like you in this picture. i seriously have been staring for a few minutes lol! so glad she's being such a sweetie for ya :)

  2. Glad she has been so sweet!! Liv is starting to throw food on the ground at meals and it drives me NUTS!! How long did this last with A? Liv will be 15 months this week and started doing this during the past couple weeks.

    I feel like we have to say "no" to Olivia ALL the time now! She usually will start crying and it breaks my heart!! I know in the end she will understand, just makes me feel bad!