Wednesday, September 5, 2012

18 months..


Today you are 18 months old. Every single day I fall more in love with your little personality.  It's so fun getting to know you & what personality traits you have been blessed with.

You are extremely friendly & outgoing.  It's strange raising such a little person that is not the least bit shy.  You are definitely making me have to come out of my shell a bit more, & for that I'm grateful.  Whenever you see someone while we're out & about, or even through the window in the car, you wave & say "hi!"  Your favorite people are little kids.  You are in awe watching them & laughing at all the interesting things they do.  You don't let anyone pass you by without making sure that they see you & the toy you're holding, snack you're eating, etc. etc.

You are sweet as sugar.  You are very affectionate & we love your hugs & kisses that you give us regularly.  You say "thank you" more than most adults I know.  You seem to know when I'm having a bad day or stressed about something - you're extra sweet to me.  I really feel like we're becoming good friends, which makes my heart happy.  My mama is my best friend, so I hope that we get to share that bond throughout our life.

You are becoming more obedient & you are such a good listener.  I talked about this in a post the other day, but I'm happy to say it is still true - it wasn't just a phase after all.  Time for prayer?  You fold your arms.  Time to go na-night?  You head up the stairs to your crib.  Time for a diaper change?  You find the diaper bag.  We tell you to not walk on the couch?  You get down.  The past six months I thought we'd never be at this point - you weren't too easy on me!  But you love following directions & getting praise when you do something right.  Thank you for being a good girl.  If only you'd listen to me when I tell you to stop growing up.  You haven't caught on to that one..

You love learning & showing off how smart you are.  When you're playing with blocks, you like to count them, "One, two, three!"  and then clap for yourself.  You're fascinated with learning colors & shapes.  The other day, you brought me one of your uncle's poker chips & said, "Suh-cull!"  It took me a second before I realized you were telling me it was a "circle."  You are a sponge!  You talk nonstop all day & say many words.  I stopped counting at 50, but it feels like you have a new word every day that you surprise us with.  It's crazy how much you catch on to.  Makes me think twice about things we say in front of you!

Thank you for being such a wonderful little girl to raise. My heart often feels like it's going to burst at the seams because we love you so much.  Sometimes your daddy & I will be sitting there watching you play & talk, & we look at each other & know exactly what the other is thinking - that you are such a blessing!  We thank our Heavenly Father every single night for you & are always striving to keep you happy. Thank you for always reassuring us that you are happy, SO happy - it makes us really feel like we are doing something right when half the time, we don't really know what we're doing at all.  We're grateful that you put up with us.  

Love you!



  1. when are you going to announce your new daughters name ? I cannot wait any longer . Lol

  2. Anonymous - I'm thinking when I do her nursery tour? I'm not sure! I'll give you a hint - it's only four letters long, & NOT Lisa! haha :)

  3. She is getting even more gorgeous!

  4. I can NOT believe how big she is!! Aubrey is just so beautiful and is looking more and more like you!! :)

    I can't wait for you to share the new babys name as well! 4 letter huh? You love to keep us wondering!! ;)

  5. She is so precious, Lisa! I was wondering if you could do a post on Aubrey's favorite things...snacks, toys, etc. My daughter is 15.5 months old so I find it interesting :).

    P.S. Will her name be Lucy? I absolutely adore that name ;)

  6. @sarah - Thank you! I definitely need to do another post like that... always looking for new ideas for posts. I'll get on it! :) And no, not Lucy, although that is adorable!

  7. Thanks Lis! I look forward to the post :). Hmm...can't wait to find out her name!!