Monday, September 10, 2012

a milestone.

This past Sunday Aubrey hit her first milestone in church: Nursery!  At our church, when babies turn 18 months old, they go to the nursery during the second & third hour of church for playtime, snacks, & a lesson.  It gives the parents a chance to actually be able to attend the classes & pay attention, too!

The past seven or eight months have been challenging at church.  I have one active little girl that isn't too fond of sitting on our laps for three hours.  Can't blame her.  As we spent the past months in the hallways letting Aubrey have some crawl/walking time, I'd sometimes think how nice it will be when it's time for nursery.  Then I would feel bad for wishing time away & just tell myself to enjoy this time in the hallways with her - I'll miss this.  

Fast forward to this past Sunday.  It was our first time going to our new ward (meetinghouse) since we moved to a new area, & since Aubrey turned 18 months last week, it was her first day in nursery.  After Sacrament meeting, we went to go drop her off, & the past several months of being frustrated each week came rushing back to me - but I was sad.  I was sad to be dropping her off.  I was sad, even in a way, to be empty handed during class.  It's such a naked feeling, unnatural to not have to keep an eye on her at all times. 

We dropped her off, & as soon as she saw the buckets full of toys & tons of little kids running around, she didn't even look back at us.  This is silly, but I felt like this was practice for her first day of Kindergarten or something.  I wanted to cry - she was so big & totally fine leaving her mommy.  I had to hold back tears when we went to our class, no baby in tow. When we picked her up, she was happy as a clam, & was proud to take home a picture of Jesus she colored. I asked the teachers how she did & they said she was perfect.  Didn't even ask, "Mama go?" once.  How that can make me so happy & so sad all at the same time I'll never be able to explain.  And there you have it - she'll be in nursery for the next couple of years.  Next will be primary, then young women's, then relief society, just like me.  

It's hard watching your baby grow up.  The hardest part of motherhood for sure.  Not the tantrums, not the sleepless nights, not the times when you can't for the life of you get them to stop crying.  It's how they need you less & less as they get older, & the realization that time is going by way too fast & there's absolutely nothing you can do to stop it.

Here is our big girl on her first day of nursery before leaving for church.

So proud of her.

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  1. Aaaw Lisa, she is just too adorable and precious for words!! So glad she is enjoying nursery at church.

    Our church has a nursery/Sunday school from 12 months and we can't wait for our little girl to join in!
    It is quite a handful getting through a sermon with these little energetic bunnies.