Friday, September 14, 2012

stuff my kid likes - 18 month edition!

Ella's Kitchen Organic Fruit & Veggie Pouches: I hate to say it - but Aubrey is starting to get into the picky eating stage!  It was a nice run with her eating whatever was on her place for so long, but now she usually just goes for the fruit, cheese, or carbs.  NOT a meat or veggies girl anymore.  Sad day.  To get veggies in this little girl's diet, these have been super convenient & she LOVES them!  I still try to get her eat fresh veggies, but when all else fails - these give me peace of mind that at least she's getting some of those important nutrients. (Bonus that they're organic!)

High Chair Booster Seat:  I'm happy to say Aubrey's high chair days are over.  She now gets to sit at the dinner table with us in her little chair (which she just loves!) We don't even use the tray attachment that comes on with it; instead we just put a placemat on the table & she eats from her dishes off there.  It's so nice having her part of our table - & she's doing great with it.  (No more cleaning a tray 3+ times a day either, yay!)

ABC flashcards: Aubrey has a new love for letters these days.  She doesn't really have any memorized yet, but she LOVES looking at these cards & going through them with me.  Sometimes I'll catch her playing with them & randomly making letter noises. "Jee!  Eye!  Beee!"  (All wrong, but still!) We have ones similar to this set from amazon.

Step Stool: We have been dabbling with potty training the past couple of months - (just getting her familiar with the potty world: having her practice sit on her potty, flush, pull down her pants, wash her hands, etc.) & this stool has been great so we don't have to lift her up to wash her hands.  My belly is only getting bigger so it's sort of getting in the way of little tasks like that!  It's also been great for when she brushes her teeth, & when I do her hair. She LOVES being tall enough to see herself in the mirror, too.

Burt's Bees Baby Shampoo/Body Wash: This is the only stuff I use on Aubrey's hair & skin! I get the unscented version because I like Aubrey to smell just like she does naturally - baby smell is the best!  I love this stuff & it's not as expensive as the stuff you'll find at natural foods stores.  It's always comforting knowing I'm not lathering up my baby in parabens & chemicals!

Toy purse/backpack: Aubrey loves carrying her little mini purse wherever we go.  It's great for in the car so she can have her snacks, toys, & sippy whenever she wants.  We bring it into stores wherever we go to keep her entertained.  She loves holding a purse just like mommy - & mommy loves having a little extra room in the diaper bag. :)


  1. My little man is 17 months old and he is such a picky eater! I love those little Veggie/fruit pouches! He LOVES THEM! :)

  2. OMG!!!!! That purse is SOOOO adorable!!! Do you know what brand that is?

    I am SO nervous that Olivia is going to become a picky eater! She eats EVERYTHING we give her now but I have heard that changes! She loves those ella's pouches! They are SO convenient!! I keep them in her diaper bag too!