Tuesday, October 23, 2012

halloween flashbacks.

Since I love Halloween way too much for being a grown up, I thought it would be fun to share some of Steve & I's costumes from the "halloweens of yore".  Boy am I lucky he is such a great sport!  :)

October 2004 - Devil & Angel, with our first carved pumpkin together. (Some of these are pretty bad quality scanned pics, sorry!)

October 2005 - Lil Bo Peep & her fluffy sheep. :)  Props to mom for Steve's costume!

(We'll skip the two years Steve was gone on his mission, let's just say I'm not comfortable sharing my embarrassing pictures from those years, haha!)

October 2009 - Steve didn't dress up this year, but I was Dorothy & my new little pup Gabby was Toto!  (Guess what Aubrey is going to be this year!!)

October 2010 - The basketball player & the pregnant ref

And of course last year, October 2011 - Minnie, Mini Minnie, & Mickey!

Sadly, being quite large this year due to a 7 month baby bump I don't think we're dressing up this year - but you can count on Aubrey in an adorable get-up! 

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