Thursday, October 4, 2012

nineteen months. (letter to my aubrey)

Aubrey Jane,

Someday when I'm old & decrepit, I'm going to wonder what you were like at this little age.  You seem so big to me right now.  It amazes me that in several months, I'll look back at pictures of you at this age & think, "Aww, she was so little!"

I'm going to want to remember that at nineteen months, you always had messy hair.  It looks perfect for about five minutes, & then little pieces start coming out.  By the end of the day you look like a little ragamuffin.  My little ragamuffin.  I love it & think it fits your personality quite well.

I'm going to want to remember that this month, nothing makes you happier than the three M's: Mommy, Mickey, & Milky.  You love having me right beside you whatever you are doing, & I'm happy to be your sidekick.  If I'm sitting down, you grab my hand & take me to your toys, or to the front door to go on a walk, or wherever your little heart desires.  I can't describe how much joy I feel that you love having me around.  Mickey & milky?  Self explanatory.  In the car, you beg to listen to your Mickey songs cd - you usually win.  Milky?  I'm pretty sure you would drink a gallon a day if I let you.  

I'm going to want to remember your little details on your size!  Or should I say big details?  You are almost off the charts as far as height goes - 35.5 inches, 99% percentile.  You also weigh 25 lbs, which is in the 75th percentile.  We've never had to worry about your growing, & for that I am so grateful.  I'm kind of a worry wart.  

I'm going to want to remember your bedtime routine, & how it's such a sweet end to our days together. We get you in your jammies, hand you a sippy of your beloved "milky", & cuddle in the rocking chair while reading "Goodnight Moon".  After reading it about three times, you nestle in to my chest & we rock until your daddy starts to wonder if I fell asleep with you.  We smother you with kisses & hugs & tuck you into your crib with your musical Mickey stuffed animal.  We typically don't hear a peep from you until the next morning.  Thank you for going to bed so easily for us. 

Mostly I'm going to want to remember how bright you made my days.  Taking care of you is such a privilege.  Even on your crankiest, naughtiest, most frustrating of days - there is no where I'd rather be than spending all of my time with you.  Thanks for choosing me, Aubs.  Luh you!



  1. Loved this post. Its such a good thing to write down all the things you love about them growing up. I need to do this. Thanks for the inspiration

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  2. Such a cute post! I can't wait to start having little ones of my own :)