Wednesday, October 17, 2012

scaredy cat.

This month I've seen a change in Aubrey that I was NOT expecting: She is scared of things.  Scary things, that I had no idea that she would know are scary at this age.  It all started with a trip to Lowe's.  (We seem to be going there every couple days since we moved!) There was a big life-size skeleton that reached out his hands to you when you got close, & Aubrey about had a heart attack when daddy decided to show it to her.  She was sobbing inconsolably & it about broke my heart!  It's so weird how kids just know when things are different/scary.  When we passed it from afar later during our trip she held her arms out to me, crying & yelling, "Mama!"  Poor little dove.  

My mom goes above & beyond with any holiday decor, & she doesn't disappoint when it comes to Halloween.  She has a big witch & this one green head in a globe thing (best way I can describe it) & Aubrey will not go near them!  She looks at me & says with a quivering lip: "Buh bye! No!"  I thought we had a couple of years left before we were scared of things like that, but I find that things happen much quicker than I think they will since becoming a mama.  

The other day at Hobby Lobby she even did her, "No!  Go way!  Buh bye!" to a figurine of Jolly Ol' St. Nick.  Perhaps we won't be taking a photo with Santa this year!

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