Thursday, November 1, 2012

our halloween.

This halloween we had a very sad little teething girl, but she still managed to perk up just enough to get into a costume & celebrate a tiny bit.  She's never acted so pitiful during teething, even with her molars. She was running a fever, took 2 long naps (hasn't taken two since she before she was one!) & had a bit of a runny nose.  I'm hoping it's nothing more than teething - having a sick baby is the saddest thing ever!

Here are the pictures we  managed to get - Steve & I decided last minute to dress up with the Wizard of Oz theme (my favorite movie when I was little) so we could celebrate with our little Dorothy! 

Hope you all had a fun (& safe!) Halloween!


  1. lisa,

    What a gorgeous family! You look amazing in that dress and your little Dorothy is the cutest, of course Steve also looks great!
    Sorry to hear Aubrey wasn't feeling well :( Thanks for sharing those family photos could be in a magazine you are all beautiful!

  2. Oh my gosh -- adorable! You all look great. <3

  3. Cute photos! And where did you get that dress? Is it a maternity dress?

    1. Thanks! I actually got that dress on Victoria's Secret's website YEARS ago, just a regular dress, but nice and stretchy. It's one of my favorites!

  4. holy hot mama!!!!! you look AMAZING!! and love the nursery!!!