Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 in Review..


-We rang in the new year in the wildest, craziest way possible: sleeping.  We tried our best to stay up to midnight, but we called it quits around 11 after toasting some "mormon champagne" (sparkling cider) & sharing a new year's smooch.
-Aubrey turned 10 months old - she was starting to walk & talk & do all sorts of fun things.
-Aubrey got her very first "bang trim".  She could finally see :)
-Steve turned 24 & Aubrey & I surprised him with Kings tickets and Jimmer jerseys.

-Took a trip to Monterey with Steve's family, & went to the aquarium.
-Celebrated Valentine's Day while in Monterey.
-Did lots of birthday party planning for Aubrey's first birthday.


-Our Aubrey girl turned ONE this month!  She had a fun party that I had a blast planning.
-Aubrey got her first cold - sad day!  At least she went her whole first year without getting sick.
- We went to a Kings game with some friends - it was their first time leaving their baby for a night out!


- I turned 23 this month!  My twenties are surely flying by..
-We celebrated Easter  with family & Aubrey had her first Easter egg hunt.
-I got in a scary car accident (sort of, we didn't get a scratch) that really put things in perspective & has changed my life to this day!  I still have major driving anxiety pretty bad because of it.


-Celebrated my second official Mother's Day - My two loves made me breakfast in bed.  We spent the rest of the day with our lovely mothers.
-Announced we were pregnant with our SECOND baby!!
-Enjoyed the nice weather & had lots of outside fun.


-After putting our house on the market three different (failing) times in the past two years, we got a great offer & sold it!
-Put a deposit down & signed papers for our new home to be built.
-Dealt with first trimester woes - so very tired & sick this month!
-Went to the beach & Disneyland with my family - Aubrey's second time!  She enjoyed getting to go on all the kiddie rides.
-Tagged along on Steve's business trip to beautiful Tahoe, CA.


-Found out our second baby was a GIRL!!
-Celebrated Fourth of July. (BBQ & fireworks at my mom's)
-Moved in with my parents while our house began being built.
-Went to the state fair for the first time as a family of three.


-We celebrated our four year wedding anniversary by staying in the honeymoon suite that we stayed on our wedding night, & getting a couple's massage.
-Our family of three had a blast being in the wedding party of our good friends, Grant & Lisa.  So happy for those cute newlyweds!
-Steve's brother, Trevor, got home from his mission in France & got to finally meet his little niece!
-Hit the halfway mark of this pregnancy - my baby bump finally decided to show!
-We finally closed on the house & it got closer & closer to being done.


-Aubrey turned 18 months old!  She started going to nursery at church & did awesome.  She really starting talking around this month.
-We moved into our new house!  This whole month pretty much revolved around getting settled in.  We fell in love with our new area & neighborhood.


-Had lots of fall fun at Apple Hill with my family.
-Celebrated Halloween - very low key because our princess was sick.
-My baby bump grew more & more.
-Did a fun "Breakfast at Tiffany's" photo shoot for a new etsy shop.  Barely do stuff like that anymore for the blog but couldn't quite resist this time :)


- Got some maternity/family pictures done.  Loved how they turned out!
- Gobbled down a delicious Thanksgiving dinner at my parents' house.
-Had a fun day at a park in Auburn on a Saturday that Steve had off.


-We did lots of Christmasy activities with both sides of our families - gingerbread houses, looking at lights, caroling, & more!
-Went to a few Christmas parties.
-Had a blast on Christmas - Aubrey was able to enjoy presents this year! (Last year the wrapping paper was much more exciting)
- Definitely "nested" & got EVERYTHING ready for the baby!

(I won't post pics for this month since they are all posts from the last couple of weeks)

It's been such a wonderful year for us & looking back on it really makes me recognize how blessed we truly are.  For Christmas, Steve had my blog printed into a hard cover book (like he did last year) & it's always so fun to look back & read about our life.  There are so many times I've read a post & think, "Whoa!  I totally don't remember this!" which makes me grateful that I took the time to document it.   I know with the new baby I will be busier than ever & might not have time to blog as much, but I sure hope I can still take a few minutes once or twice a week to get on here & post about our life - things we go out & do, & also just the everyday stuff.

Tomorrow begins a new year - we have another baby girl joining us just about any day now, which will definitely be the highlight of 2013.  I'm so excited to meet her & fall in love with her.  I know I'm going to blink & I'll be sitting here writing about all the things we did in 2013 as a family of FOUR!

Happy New Year's, everyone!


  1. loved reading about your year! so many changes happen and its fun to look back at them. 2013 is going to be a great year for you guys!

  2. Such a wonderful year! You three are just adorable!! I can't even begin to tell you how wonderful you look, even pregnant! So jealous!! You're beautiful & so is that baby girl. Looking forward to reading more & seeing your next little girl!


  3. Cute Easter dress! :) Do you all dress up for church all the time? We do, but I know there are a lot of churches that don't dress up at all. Do parents usually dress their kids up if they are going to the nursery? Just curious how the Mormon church is.

  4. Love this!! You've inspired me to document more about our monthly milestones, and not just the year in general. 2012 was my very favorite year yet, so I'm so happy to see all the beauty it brought your family as well<3 Now, 2013 BOTH our babies will be here to share it with us!