Tuesday, December 18, 2012

37 weeks.

Full term, baby.  I had a doctor's appointment yesterday & found out I'm not dilated or effaced yet at all.    I know she hasn't "dropped" yet, because I remember that feeling from my last pregnancy, & I haven't felt that yet.  I was still sort of surprised of my stats because of all my contractions, & the fact that this is my second baby.  I'm guessing that I will be one week late, and she will come around January 15th-ish.    Last time I was induced on my due date since I had gestational diabetes, but this time I'm not sure of the dr's plan.  I'm kind of terrified to have a huge baby and need a C-section, so hopefully he doesn't let me go too late.  I'm one of those people that just trusts what the doctor says and goes with the flow.  The other day someone asked me what I was writing in my birth plan.  Umm... pitocin is fine if you feel that's best?  Epidural as soon as I am at a 4?  Episiotomy is okay if the baby's head can't fit?  Hand me the baby once she comes out?  Lol.  Guess I'm not a birth plan kinda mom. 

So the past couple of weeks I don't have too much to complain about.  Same old stuff: occasional back pain, heartburn, lots of trips to the potty, low energy, etc. etc. etc.  Bending over to pick stuff up is a pain.  Putting on shoes is nearly impossible.  Shaving my legs is quite the task.  I honestly don't feel like she is coming anytime soon.  I feel like you have to feel completely miserable and just DONE before the baby is ready to come.  Ask me again in a week...

Here's the updated survey (and perhaps the last one?)

How far along? 37 weeks.  

Total weight gain/loss: 18 lbs. Getting close to 130!!  

 Maternity clothes? No, I only have three weeks left so I'll manage to wear what I have. I have about 2 jeans that can still button so I'll be living in those.  Church clothes are what is most difficult to figure out.  Nearly all of my "dress" clothes are pencil skirts or something that accentuates the waist.  NOT cute on a full term pregnant lady.

Stretch marks? No.  Remind me to give her a cookie for that someday.  (Watch me wake up with tiger stripes tomorrow.)

Best moment this week: I starting nesting like crazy and organized all of Aubrey's old newborn clothes, stocked the nursery with diapers/wipes, set up the bassinet, etc. etc.  It's getting REAL.  It's fun preparing for a baby.

Miss anything: Just not being pregnant. Definitely excited to take a looong break from pregnancy after this one.  

Movement: Yes, mostly when I'm trying to fall asleep of course. :)

  Food cravings: Nope, but super thirsty all the time.  

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope.

Have you started to show yet: Wouldn't ya say?!

  Gender:  Girl!  

Labor Signs: Braxton hicks on & off all day & then back on all night.  

  Belly Button in or out? Weirdest looking thing ever.  Out!

Wedding rings on or off? On.   

Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy but tired.

Looking forward to: Baby time! 


  1. Hi Lisa! I just stumbled onto your blog from some other ones and I love it! You have the cutest little family :) I have a 6 and 1/2 month old little boy and have my hands full with just him, so I am impressed you are about to have a little one join your family! Quick question, I had gestional diabetes with my little guy even though I didn't have any of the risk factors (it doesn't run in my family, I'm not overweight, I eat healthy and exercise, etc.), and I see that you said you had it too. Did you have it with this pregnancy as well? I'm just curious as to if I am likely to have it again with our next baby. Cute, cute blog!!


    1. Thanks Jordan! No, I actually didn't get it this time. I was surprised because I was a little more lenient on what I ate :)

    2. Oh that's awesome! Good to know, I hope I get lucky and don't have it the second time around. That would have been such a pain for you to limit all those carbs and sugars especially this time of year! :)

  2. hey lady don't be scared of having a c-section, if you do end up having to have one it doesn't mean that your baby is huge (hence my situation with Raegan) I would talk to your dr about how far he is willing to let you go for because I ended up going 10 days with Nicolas and I wish I hadn't because he ended up being big..the baby gains most of their weight at the end of pregnancy so I'm sure your dr would be able to tell you approx how long he would let you go before inducing you. I made up a birth plan with Raegan and because of her being breech that all went out the window..and honestly I think no matter how much you plan things always change. Hope everything goes smoothly for you and you are able to relax these last few weeks of being pregnant. You look amazing as always!

    1. I'm only scared because I know the baby gains half a pound a week & my dr has always told me he doesn't know if my narrow hips could birth anything over an 8 pounder lol. I'll trust whatever he feels is best of course, but I would not be disappointed one bit if he decided to induce on my due date :) And thanks lady!

  3. you are such a cute preggo! good luck these last few weeks and prayers for a safe and healthy delivery!...having two is definitely a good deal more work but so amazing :)

    1. Thanks Mary :) It's been fun being pregnant but totally ready to ditch the belly & trade it in for a baby! I'm pretty excited (and terrified) to have two!

  4. I read this article on birth plans that i feel is important for every woman to read.

    I hope all goes well, and I'm sure once she is here, nothing else will matter.

    Good luck

  5. Ahhh!!!! This is so exciting! FULL-TERM!! I know you have your dr visits on Monday with dr z, I was hoping I'd bump into you this week (I had my 6 week postpartum follow up) but I probably just missed ya ;( Glad to hear everything is going well and all is on track! You never know what'll happen.. I went in at 38 weeks and was the same way (per dr z) and 0 everything. And literally TWO DAYS LATER my water started leaking and went into hospital and was 3 cm. However, I know what you're saying - that last week I was MISERABLE beyond belief and could not imagine lasting much longer.. so maybe that's the difference.

    Either way - she will be coming before you know it lady!! SO just try and enjoy this time to yourself and the "calm before the storm" LOL.. you know how all that goes ;)

    And PS - I didn't really have a birth plan other than what you said.. I wrote in BIG CAPS "Epidural when I hit 4 and pitocin if he doesn't progress.. and if you notice he's a big boy, feel free to up the epidural!" LOL! Really, there's not much you can "plan".. babies will do what they want when they want.. :)