Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Festivities..

We have had non-stop holiday fun the past week - it's so exciting when your kid can actually start enjoy things like tearing through presents!

Last week we had the Hellewell Family Christmas party held at Steve's work.. Aubrey LOVED the bounce house.

Went to our church Christmas party..

Baked cookies with Daddy..

Looked at pretty lights..

Went to church, definitely running out of things to wear now!

Aubrey wore her lovely Christmas dress my mom got her..

A few fun shots by my parent's Christmas tree..

Christmas Eve at Steve's parent's house..

Uncle Trevor & Aubrey

 She loves her new puppy!

 Walking in heels like it's her job..

  Back to our house to set up the gifts..

So fun!

 Christmas morning.. she walked right to the car slide first!

 We had breakfast and then dinner at my parent's house..

We TRIED to get a family pic..

 One of just us will have to suffice this year..

And yay!  Mama's new car!  Nice and spacious (and safe!) for our expanding family.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas celebrating with those you love!


  1. Adorable pictures! Is that an Acadia? We got a black one in September to fit our family in. ;)

    1. Yes an Acadia! We are so loving it. Before I was driving a little 2000 Honda Accord so this was definitely an upgrade, lol!

  2. I love Aubrey's Christmas dress and you look so stinkin cute with your belly!

  3. Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas! Your belly is too cute! The rest of your body doesn't even look pregnant. I hope I can manage that when I get further along ;) And what a nice car, lucky girl! My grandma has an Acadia and I love it. Hope things are going great as you get ready for baby #2 :)

  4. My daughter has that kitchen!!! She got it as an early xmas gift. Our daughters are kind of close in age (Sophia will be 2 January 5th) So I love watching her grow in your posts. So cute!!!!

  5. Such cute pics!! Where did you get that adorable kitchen setup? You look so great and Aubrey is darling!

    1. Thanks Mindee :) Got it on amazon but I just saw it at Pottery Barn yesterday.

  6. Silly question, but where did you get your rug in your living room?

    1. Thanks... It's really pretty... Will be looking at our area Home Depot soon!