Monday, December 17, 2012

mama daughter date.

Saturday night my mom & I had a special night together - stroller & diaper bag free!  We started off with pedicures, (I haven't had one in over a year & I was in HEAVEN) then had a delicious dinner downtown, & ended with our annual tradition of seeing the Nutcracker Ballet.  We actually haven't gone in a few years, & I think it made it all the more exciting to see it this year.  It didn't disappoint! I used to want to be a ballerina when I was little and taking dance.  Then they broke my heart & told me I don't have the right feet.  Tear.  I cannot wait to take Aubrey in a few years to see the ballet - there were so many cute little girls in their frilly Christmas dresses & curled hair.  I'm thinking we'll put her in dance when she's about three, Steve is thinking about putting her in his basketball league about the same age.  She will be one well-rounded tot!  

Here is mama & I after the amazing show - loved getting one on one time with her.

I came home to a sleeping baby that probably had the best night of her life. (My dad, her favorite person in the world, watched her while we were gone.)

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