Thursday, December 6, 2012

monster belly @ 35 weeks.

I officially got my first "You look like you're about to pop!" comment at Michael's the other day. To make matters worse, I said, "Nope, I have a whole month to go!"  And she says, "Oh, so do I!"  Seriously didn't even know the chick was pregnant.  Had no clue. I am large & in charge & just have to make it through this last 5 week stretch until I feel normal again.  It's amazing how elastic our skin really is!  The lady was right, I truly feel like this belly will pop at any second.

So here it is, the monster belly.  


My husband has now nicknamed me, "Chubs."  Such a sweetheart, I know.

At least Aubrey has been kind.  The other day, a Victoria's Secret Fashion Show preview commercial came on & she pointed at a model & said, "Mama! Mama!"  She's my golden child.  She's also blind, apparently.  


  1. That shirt is so cute!!! You look great. <3

  2. you look fabulous :) that shirt is sooo cute too!

  3. You look great! Super cute shirt too. Don't feel bad, I just had a little girl and I was way bigger than you!

  4. I love your shirt! Where is it from?

  5. Lol @ Aubrey's comment! You're gorgeous, big belly included!

  6. The thing is, Aubrey is right. You could totally be a vs model. You are tall, thin, and have a gorgeous, exotic face. And that belly is tiny miss!

    1. Alora, you are my favorite. I'd need some serious implants though!

  7. Ahhh!! I am so in love with your baby bump!! & might I say, you dress it up so perfectly all the time! Definitely going to take some pointers for my next time around ;)

    And you could totally be a VS model m'dear, because you only look pregnant, and I mean ONLY, on your stomach! LOL! So jealous, I blew up like a ballon everywhere!

  8. You look fantastic!!!! I'm only nine weeks and I feel like my body has already changed so much.

  9. I'm a old/new follower! I'm loving all the maternity posts and pictures, babe you look FABULOUS! seriously. a baby looks so beautiful in/on you! lol your fashion has been amazing, i'm jealous!

  10. Your bump is not huge!! You look AMAZING!!
    You don't even wear maternity clothes. Final countdown pretty mama