Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Nesting/Hospital Bags

I can officially say we are 100% ready for this baby to come.  Good thing the "nesting" kicked in this past week, because with the holidays coming up, nothing might have ever gotten done.  Here's what I've been busy doing during nap times (Yes, Aubrey is back to napping most days now, hooray!)  

Stocking the new nursery with teeny tiny newborn diapers, wipes, & diaper rash cream...

Installed the new car seat (thanks mama!) & cleaning out the garage so we can park in there.  I have never parked in a garage before (In our old house all of Steve's stuff for his business was in there & there was NO room.  This garage is thankfully more spacious so we get to park in here now.  It's so nice, especially when it's raining/freezing.)  I get so giddy when I see those TWO car seats back there!

Deep cleaned the bassinet, swing, & bouncer, & setting them all up where they will go around the house.  

Sterilized all of the bottles & pump parts/accessories..

And of course packed all the bags: One for my things, one for the new baby's things, & one for Aubrey's things since she will be staying with her grandparents while we're in the hospital.  I'm such a Monica Gellar - I love making lists, labeling, & packing!  Here is what I'm bringing in my bags.  I'm definitely an over-packer but I feel it's better to bring stuff you might not need rather than going without & regretting it later.  Plus, since I've been through this before, I have a better idea of what I'll actually use.  

My hospital bag:

Basic toiletries: Toothbrushes for Steve & I, toothpaste, chap stick, deodorant, body butter, shampoo, conditioner, BB cream (it's amazing), razor, shaving cream, (tiny chance that I'll actually shave but just in case), hairbrush/hair ties, shower cap, (Don't think I'll wash my hair), face wash, cotton balls/q-tips, makeup remover wipes, dry shampoo

Going home outfit (Treated myself to a VS sweatpants & hoodie set - so soft & comfy. 2 pairs of comfy socks

-Small bag of minimal makeup: Just the basics - mascara, concealer, bronzer.  This is another "just in case" - last time I didn't do any makeup.

- Boobie stuff: lanolin, nipple shields in two different sizes, nursing pads, nursing bra, soothies gel pads, nursing cover. (Just for when I have male relative visitors)

-Depends.  Oh yes that's right - adult diapers.  It's about to be all sorts of sexy up in that hospital room. 

- Not pictured: camera, a 50 mm lens for close ups, camera charger, cell phone charger, laptop (You get bored after the epidural kicks in!), cell phone

I'm also bringing a "big sister" present for Aubrey to open when she gets to the hospital to meet her baby sister.  We got her a book about being a big sister & some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse figurine toys.  I'm going to bawl my eyes out when she meets her sis!

Baby hospital bag: (The hospital provides all the diapers, wipes, creams, swaddling blankets, etc. so this bag has minimal stuff.)

- Going home outfit

- Blankie for car ride home

-Nursing cover


-A couple of headbands & hats

-Boppy pillow

Aubrey's bag just has diapers, wipes, toothbrush/toothpaste, jammies, a pacifier, a couple of outfits, socks, rubber bands, comb, & sippy cups.

We're ready when you are baby girl!!


  1. Oh my goodness, HOW EXCITING IS THIS BLOG?! You are so organized, I love it! Everyone made fun of me because I had bags packed and the house organized completely like 4 weeks in advance - JUST IN CASE! And I'm like you with having to make lists for every little task I do, and always get made fun of! BUT, when Gunner surprised us and came two weeks early - we were ready. And you ma'am are More than ready! Can't wait to see pictures!! She will be here before you know it! I'm so excited to see these next rounds of hospital shots, I still remember you posting the pictures of yourself and hospital pics with Aubrey - this is going to be even cuter with TWO girls there to snap pics of!

    Best of luck Lisa with a speedy and easy delivery and healthy baby girl! You'r so lucky since you have been through this already, you can skip all the INSANE amounts of fear of the uknown (unlike first timers like I was) - Eeekkk!!! So excited!!

  2. ha i treated myself to a new VS sweatsuit indulgence too! :)...the present is the best idea, our son kept thanking sister for "her" present it was so sweet!

  3. Love it! I'm new to your blog, and already love it. I also love to make list and plan, it looks like you are all ready for this baby.

  4. Which VS sweatsuit did you buy? It looks cute!

  5. I'm SO excited to read all about when she finally arrives! Prayers for a quick and safe delivery =)