Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Aubrey the Big Sister!

I definitely don't think I'm going to be able to type up this post without balling my eyes out, but here goes!  
 I was a little nervous for Aubrey to meet Kate, she hadn't been around many (little) babies before & wasn't sure how she would react.  I just kind of expected her to not care.  We had prepared her the best we could by always telling her about the baby in mommy's tummy, how she was going to be a big sister, & practicing with her baby dolls.  

When Steve brought Aubrey in, she saw Kate & immediately started saying the sweetest little things, "Aww, a baby!"  "Cuuute!"  and then proceeded to give her hugs.  She sat down next to her & was so gentle with her.  (Another thing I was worried about) She got to hold her & was SO excited.  She exceeded all of my expectations.  I could not stop crying!  I couldn't believe I worried so much.  She adores Kate more than I ever thought she would.

Aubrey has been so helpful, always bringing me blankets or diapers.  She'll come sit next to me with her baby doll & we'll both "hold our babies" together.  She shows Kate her toys, & is always saying the sweetest things.  My personal favorite, "Aww, Hi baby seester!"  

Here are my sweet baby girls meeting the first time.

Aubrey opening her present from Kate..

I'm the proudest mama - two sweet baby girls & they are all mine!

Here are a couple more photos of my two beauties throughout Kate's first week..


  1. so so so adorable! congratulations on two gorgeous little girls. and you look amazing!

  2. Oh Lisa, Those are the sweetest pictures of your two girls, Aubrey looks so proud to be the big sister. You look gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing the story and photos of the girls... They are both so adorable!

  3. Kids are amazing like that. They suprise you all the time. My kiddos really suprised me as well when I brought home there brother. They absolutely adore hiim and always want to play with him. Everyone told me they would eventually move on and ignore him. But they don't. My oldest son who is 5 is always a big helper to! She is so adorable! I love the pictures! Congrats also on the quick birth.. My 3rd on was pretty quick as well. <3

  4. Love the idea of getting Aubrey her first present from Kate. No wonder she loves her baby sister hahaha!