Monday, January 14, 2013

Kate's Birth.

Get ready to hear the shortest birth story of all time!  

I woke up at exactly 12:00 am Saturday morning with my first contraction.  It was pretty uncomfortable, & had to breathe through it.  I got up, went to the restroom, & then back to bed.  Another one came.  I told Steve, "These hurt pretty bad, maybe this is it!"  Steve thought it was all in my head since I tend to obsess over every little contraction.  Then another one came.  The contractions were about 4 minutes apart & to the point where I needed to get up & breathe to get through them.  We made the decision to go the hospital at this point.  I had Steve call his mom to come stay with Aubrey.  I went to Aubrey's room, picked her up out of bed, rocked her & told her how much I loved her.  Next time I saw her, life would be completely different... for everyone!  I laid her back in bed after kissing her one last time & quickly took a shower, grabbed our bags, & headed out the door once Steve's mom got there.

The car ride there was hard - contractions were three minutes apart & seemed to hurt a little worse each time.  Luckily we got to the hospital fairly quick since there's no traffic that time of night. My mom & a security guard wheeled me up to the labor & delivery floor while Steve parked the car.  Once I was all checked in, the nurse checked me in the triage room.  To my COMPLETE surprise, she said, "You're about 5-6 centimeters dilated & 90% effaced.  Baby is coming soon!"  I immediately asked when I could get my epidural.  No way, no how was I going to miss out on my happy juice!

Do you think my hospital gown is big enough?!  Here I am, in my ONE picture during labor.  

I was put in a room & people starting scrambling setting up for the delivery.  I was DYING at this point.  The contractions, were long, hard, & really close together.  I kept asking for my epidural, but they said they needed to get me an IV bag full of fluids into my body first.  Some nurse took her sweet time putting my IV in, & I bugged the nurses some more.  "Sooo.. can they start prepping me for the epidural?  Anything?"  She looked like she was avoiding the subject which was making me... not so happy!  She then spilled the news & said, "You might just be too far along to get one.  By the time it kicks in the baby will probably already be here."  She ended up checking me & I was at 9 cm.  She called the anesthesiologist & he said it was too late - I had to do this, au naturale!  

I started freaking out & crying, which makes contractions even harder to get through.  I was SO nervous, especially to push the baby out without being numb. I have taken birthing classes before, but didn't really pay attention to any of the pain management breathing techniques/etc. because I knew there was no way I'd ever do it without drugs. Ha!  My husband & mom tried to keep me calm the best they could, but let's just say they saw a different side of me that day.  I didn't hold much back! :)

I kept contracting & soon started to feel the urge to push - it was such an intense feeling I couldn't hold myself back.  We were still waiting for the on-call doctor to come from her house.  Because of my urges to push, they had to get some doctor from upstairs to come down to catch the baby.  Before I knew it, the doctor came in, put gloves on, & the nurse told me I could start pushing "for real."  I was so nervous to feel the "ring of fire" that I have heard so much about.  I held my breath, pushed as hard as I knew how, (and let me tell you, ring of fire is right on the money about how you describe that feeling), & a beautiful baby girl came out crying.  The pain immediately left as they set her on my chest.  I fell in love in that moment so fast & hard - she was absolutely perfect.  I just kept on telling her how much I loved her & how I was so happy to meet her.

So there you have it - 2 hours & 44 minutes of labor, one push, & bam!  We have another baby girl.  Even if it was the worst pain I've ever felt (and probably ever will feel) in my life, we got the greatest prize at the end & it was all so incredibly worth it.

At first we thought she looked a lot like her big sister, but as the days go by she has more of her own look.  She has a head full of chocolately brown hair (but not as much as Aubrey had!)  She has my nose, daddy's lips, & charcoal gray eyes.  An absolute beauty.

As far as her darling big sister goes, let's just say I've never seen a sweeter side of my little girl.  I will have to do a post all about their meeting & how she is doing.  She is the best big sis so far, & such a great help!

Now excuse me, I have some serious newborn cuddles to attend to!


  1. Wow!!! I'm pregnant with my 2nd and can only hope my labor goes that quickly...but not too quickly that I can't get an epidural. :) Also, can I just say how gorgeous you look for being in labor and right after. Kate is beautiful!!

  2. Congrats! She's beautiful. Glad it went well! I felt everything with my second but it was a long labor and my epidural didn't work right anymore the last 6 hours. Boo. Funny thing is, the contractions were wayy worse with my third. Every labor is different.

  3. awwwh! congratulations on your new little blessing! she is precious.


  4. You are AMAZING and she is GORGEOUS!!!

  5. Sounds like you did an amazing job Lisa. Almost 3 hrs, that's incredible! I had to giggle when you talked about not holding much back- boy can I relate! When I was pushing Aubrey, not only did the "S word" come out a couple times (oops, hehe) but I practically screamed her out of me at the end lol! Love all the pics- you (and baby Kate) look gorgeous!

  6. You did it without an epidural, you are one tuff mama!! I think I'd be scared out of my mind too if it was too late for one. Great job girl! She is one beautiful baby girl!

  7. That is a fast delivery! One I am a little jealous of. :) Good for you for doing it without an epidural. I often have wondered if I could have done it.

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  9. I'm always glad to read about woman doing it natural.. the way our bodies are made to do. Epidurals are potent placenta crossing drugs that haven't even been tested on babies that's injected directly into mommma's spine. Woman have been paralyzed from this drug. It may be "happy juice" but it's also known as death juice for a reason. See? You survived without drugging yourself! xoxoxox - She's beautiful!

  10. Wow, what an annoying comment from that anonymous poster. "death juice"??, really???! Never heard anyone call it that before! Crazy lady. Didn't have the guts to attach her name to her post I guess.

    You are so lucky to have experienced both! I think I'm too afraid to willingly try it all natural, but I think I would have been grateful in a way if I was forced into an all natural birth, that way I could experience childbirth the way women have been doing it since the beginning of human existence. Even though its painful, it does seem like a rite of passage in a way. One question - having done both, which way do you prefer it? Were there any other added benefits of doing it without an epidural that you noticed?

    1. Haha I know right? Call me crazy, but death juice is friggin' awesome. ;)

      I TOTALLY want an epidural next time. There was really no benefit that I noticed from doing natural, other than bragging rights of course. :) I like being calm and collected during birth, not near-hyperventilating from pain & worry. I noticed no difference after baby came out either- she acted the same as Aubrey even though she was "drugged up on death juice" LOL!

  11. I love reading birth stories since becoming pregnant. It's kind of awesome and terrifying at the same time that her birth happened so quickly! I am (god willing) getting an epidural...I think of it like wouldn't have your tonsils taken out without being medicated. Lol but you are definitely amazing for doing it all natural! Congratulations, again!