Thursday, January 17, 2013

splish splash!

Last night Kate had her very first bath.  There is nothing like the sweet smell of a freshly bathed newborn.  

First she was a little scared..

Then she warmed up to it..

Getting dried off..

 A cozy sleeper, hat, & pacifier later & she's happy as a clam!

Wasn't I just giving this little (jaundice) ducky her first bath like, yesterday?  Sigh. 
Aubrey right after her first bath, almost 2 years ago!


  1. She looks so cute! She looks a lot like you Lisa! Congrats again!

  2. Aww! I think Kate and Aubrey look a little more alike in these photos. So cute and makes me even more anxious for my little one!

  3. How cute. We are trying to conceive right now and I cannot wait to do this again!

  4. So adorable! I think Kate looks ALOT like her mama! Enjoy every moment they are both so adorable!