Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Kate - One Month!

My little newborn that was just born the other day is now a MONTH OLD.  

This week Kate has been awake lots more during the day, & is the most alert, smily little thing. She is still fussy in the evening and wants to eat the whole time, but it's slowly getting better.  I think my body is finally realizing it needs to make more milk during that time.  Anyways, back to the smiling. She is happiest in the morning & while she eats.  It's the cutest thing when she stops eating just to look up & smile.  Aubrey didn't start smiling until she was about a month old.  Kate started smiling at 2.5 weeks, but I didn't really believe they were "real" until the past week.  

She also started holding her head up a lot more this week.  She never rests her head down unless she is sleeping.  She wants to see the world!

She has started being able to sleep in her bassinet & swing - Mama can actually do things now while she sleeps!  I still have her sleep on me a couple times a day, just because I love it.  But boy is it nice to know I can set her down when I need to- so I can ya know, shower & stuff sometimes.  :)

She usually goes down for the night around 10:30, (after feeding her for hours on end prior), wakes up around 3-4 for a diaper change/feeding, & then wakes up around 6-7.  Oh my does it feel good to SLEEP AGAIN! 

She loves being in a wrap/carrier as long as I'm walking around.  Speaking of which, she loves to be outside & go on walks.  It's been nice outside lately & it feels so good to leave the house.  (Big sister agrees!)

She LOVES bath time now.  I could probably let her be in her bath for an hour & she'd be happy as a clam.  

She needs constant attention when she is awake.  (Wonder where she gets that from?!)  She likes eye contact & someone talking to her at all times when she's awake.  

She is not fond of bottles or pacifiers, but she WILL take one eventually. :)

She is still in newborn diapers & clothing, but I can already tell she is getting taller & will be in 0-3 months soon.

She is getting a couple little rolls on her arms & legs - I just want to eat her!!  They are so dang cute.

Her eyes used to look dark grey to me, but now they are a deep, dark blue like her sister's were at this age.

Her hair is so soft & fluffy, especially after a bath.  I love running my fingers through it while I feed her.

Loves riding in the car, unless we stop of course.  She cries at every stop sign & light.

I am loving getting to know our little Kate.  Here's a few more pictures of our newest love.


  1. Your pretty ladies are always so happy and smiling! I love to see so much happiness!

  2. Happy ONE month Kate - you are so precious baby girl x

  3. Time goes by so fast. Mariam loves seeing the world too and hates being put down. We also have that floral/leopard print blanket. ;) It's my favorite.

  4. The picture of Kate looking up at her big sister melts my my heart!

  5. She is the sweetest little doll! Love how alert she looks! And that smile is darling. I can't get mine to stay smiling in pictures most of the time; he sees the camera and stops right away! (Thank goodness for iPhones, at least he isn't sure yet what that thing is doing!)
    Ah can't get over how darling that smile of hers is! You must have the hardest time not just eating her up!