Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Kate's Birth Announcement

I think birth announcements may be becoming a thing of the past because of Facebook, & all the other various ways to share photos & information on the internet.  But I plan on keeping the Christmas card & birth announcement companies going strong, because I LOVE them - giving & receiving them.  Here is the one I chose for Kate.  I'm loving the whole chalkboard craze these days.  

And a little throwback for you - Aubrey Jane's birth announcement. (Picture of a picture, sorry.)


  1. I love birth announcements and I hate that facebook and other social media has taken away from them. It's their introduction to their family and what is more personal than a picture for them to keep rather than seeing a post on facebook when they are only minutes old. I hold my kids' hospital and most newborn pictures near and dear to my heart and keep them private for no other reason than they are new and I want to cherish every moment with those that we love rather than notifying my whole social media database.

    1. I posted my girl's photos a few hours after they were born on facebook, it just took me less than a minute so I don't think I lost too many cherished moments, lol. Nothing wrong with keeping those photos near & dear to your heart if you feel that's best! I don't mind sharing mine, and I know others love seeing them too so I'm fine with it. I'm with you on the announcements! Great to have an actual hard copy of your new love instead of just online.

  2. Kate looks beautiful in her picture and I love both announcements for your girls. Very pretty and elegant.

  3. Those are so, so cute! Love the chalkboard style.

  4. Beautiful! And I don't think I realized that Cruze was born exactly one year after Aubrey. That's pretty neat!

  5. These are so adorably cute, I love the chalkboard look x

  6. I'm with you about Birth announcements and Christmas cards! Keep them alive..oh and Thank you cards!!