Friday, February 15, 2013

Love Day Recap..

Oh my, I love Valentine's Day.  Give me a day to focus on romance, throw in pink, white & red colors, & an excuse to go on a date, not to mention eat candy & treats?  Right up my ally!

In the morning, we made heart shaped waffles which Aubrey thought were pretty cool.. (too bad I burnt half of them.)

We made Valentine cards for our loved ones..

The girls got to open their goodies from mom & dad.. Aubrey got a Valentine Pinkalicious book & Minnie "big girl" panties. (We are planning on tackling potty training soonish - whenever Kate eats less often) Kate got a little toy that hangs from her car seat.  She was obviously thrilled.

Then we made heart shaped sugar cookies which... surprise!  Burnt.  (Don't feed a newborn after putting cookies in the oven.) Luckily Aubrey still had fun getting covered head to toe in flour & playing with dough.  And how stinkin' cute is her festive apron her grandma got her?

We sure love this sweetie pie!  She was all kinds of cute in her Valentine's Day get up.

I'm lucky enough to have had the best Valentine the past ten years in a row.  He never fails to do something creative & special to make me feel loved.  This year he didn't disappoint.  The past few seasons, we have watched "The Bachelor" together, & Steve always makes fun of the show every Monday night it's on.  So he wrote a funny poem about how how what he & I have is actually real unlike the relationships on the show.  Then he hid single red roses around the house along with little papers that said, "Will you accept this rose?" with reasons he loves me.  I love that sweet man.

We got to go out on a quick dinner date & left the girls with Grammy & Papa.  It was beyond refreshing to enjoy a night out distraction free with Steve.  It is amazing how freeing it feels to not carry a diaper bag around & wear normal people clothing.  Needless to say - we had a great time & ate waaaaay too much.

Just because I think they are so adorable, here are the rest of the photos I took of the girls for our "Valentine's" photoshoot.

Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day!


  1. OH MY GOODNESS. there is just WAY too much cuteness in this blog!!! I am totally with you on my love for this special day - and you most definitely squeezed every ounce of cuteness you could out of your special day! I'm OBSESSED with what Steve did for you (I totally told Rick because I make him watch it with me every week also) - what a creative and sweet thing to do! And I cannot get over all those pictures of your little ladies on your bed, all dressed for valentines. Like I said, TOO MUCH CUTENESS!!

    And so happy for you guys that you got to get out for some adult time and a nice dinner!

  2. PS - I am so in love with your day activities you guys did. The waffles, the cookies, the CARDS! I really cannot wait until Gunner is old enough to do these things with<3

  3. Can tell you're nursing this time around lol!!

  4. What a cute valentine's day :) Don't feel bad about the waffles.. I cannot cook pancakes or grilled cheese without burning them! Your girls' outfits are adorable! Glad you two were able to sneak off for a quick date! And super awkward comment about nursing...? Lol

    1. I swear - I suck at making breakfast yet its my favorite meal of the day! Not fair.

  5. Girl, YOUR BOOBS! And where the heck is your waist???? You're a super model! ;)

    1. LOL - you're hilarious! Yeah, I can definitely see me nursing for 3 years.. (BUt not really!) And thanks ;)