Monday, February 11, 2013

our perfectly ordinary day.

I hear a little coo next to me in bed.  I look over & Kate is looking up at me, starting to rustle around. Apparently I was too lazy after her 4 am feeding to set her in her bassinet.  Can it already be morning time?  I check my phone.  7:05.  I change Kate's diaper, & go back in bed to feed her.  Minutes later, we hear, "Mama?  Daddy?"  coming from Aubrey's room.  I nudge Steve to go get her.  He brings her to bed with us, & we all close our eyes, trying to get a few more minutes of precious sleep before the day begins.  I'm tired, but I love these morning family cuddles.

It's breakfast time.  I put Kate in her swing, & start to get Aubrey her requested toast with jam.  I pour some milk into a sippy cup, & cut a banana in half for her.  I eat the other half while I try to get some dishes done from the night before.  Steve gives us kisses goodbye and heads off to work. As soon as I'm about to sit & have a bowl of cereal, I notice Aubrey is taking off her diaper.  Up the stairs we go, bath time is coming early today!  I'm hungry, but I can eat later.

Bath time.  Luckily we have a shower with a big bath tub attached to it, so I can shower while watching Aubrey in her bath.  I put Aubrey's bubbles in, put Kate in her bouncer so I can still see her, & hop in the shower.  Aubrey begs me to draw on the shower's steamy wall with my fingers, "a flower!  Mickey!  Aubrey!"  I follow her commands & she laughs & laughs at the "magic pictures" I drew.  Kate starts to cry so I hurry up & finish my shower.  I feed Kate again on the edge of the bed so I can still watch Aubrey.

After I'm done feeding Kate, I help Aubrey finish her bath, get us both dressed, & head to the play room to play.  After lots of puzzles, pretending to eat several pieces of plastic food, knocking down towers of blocks, & a few games of hide & seek later, it's time for lunch.  I may still be in a robe with tangles in my hair, & not an ounce of makeup on my face - but I love this one on one play time with my girl.

I throw together some lunch for both of us, & we eat together.  Kate starts to fuss in the middle of eating so I throw her in our Moby wrap & finish lunch.  Aubrey hops on the couch - she knows what time it is.  She gets to pick one show after lunch each day, & it's almost always Doc McStuffins.  I clean up lunch & feed Kate while watching it with her.  I contemplate going absolutely insane if I hear the song, "Time for your Checkup!" one more time, but then I look over at Aubrey dancing to it with a huge smile on her face, & I decide I can handle it just a few more times.

Beloved nap time.  A mom's dream come true.  I sing "Skidamarink" to Aubrey as I set her in her crib & hand her a pacifier.  (Yes, she is still in a crib and still has a pacifier for naps.  Oops.) Now it's Kate & my one on one time.  We cuddle & I soak up every tiny detail of her little body.  Too soon, she will be as big as Aubrey.  After she falls asleep in my arms, I either set her down to clean/finish getting ready, or just fall asleep along with her.  These days, it's usually the latter.  Naps are just better when you're breathing in the sweet scent of a newborn's fluffy hair.

Before I know it, I hear Aubrey playing in her crib, wide awake.  We go downstairs for a snack.  She is awfully grouchy after naps, & decides to knock all her crackers onto the floor & demand fruit snacks.  I decline & she starts to throw the first tantrum of the day.  Meanwhile, Kate starts to cry.  There's something about a newborn's cry that adds double the stress to any situation.  Eventually, Aubrey gets over her tantrum & I make her clean up the mess she made.  We go back upstairs to play a little before Daddy gets home from work.  

Daddy is home!  Everyone's favorite part of the day.  Aubrey slides on her tummy down the stairs & runs up to give her dad the biggest bear hug imaginable.  He gives Kate & I kisses & we all hang out as a family for a while before we start dinner.  I breathe a sigh of relief.

Aubrey "helps" prepare dinner as she stands on a chair against the kitchen island.  We let her help stir,  rinse veggies, or anything to keep her little hands busy during this time.  We pray for our meal & have dinner as a family.  Kate tends to conveniently get hungry right as I'm about to eat.

After dinner and cleaning up is when we try to do our scripture study or family home evening if it's Monday.  We're not perfect about doing every night, especially since the new baby has come.  We're trying though.  We also usually go on walks around the lake if the weather is good.  My favorite couple hours of the day falls between dinner & bedtime when there is nothing to do but just spend time together.

Bedtime for Aubrey. After brushing her tiny teeth, getting her jammies on, reading a book or two, practicing saying prayers, singing a few songs, and about a dozen kisses & I love you's later,  we shut the light off & don't hear from her again until the morning.  Putting her to bed has always been such a good experience, we are lucky to not have ever had any problems with it.

The next hour or so is Steve & my time together.  Kate is usually on one of our chests (or eating), while we catch up on our DVR'd tv shows.  I tend to fall asleep on the couch with Kate on me, & eventually we go upstairs for one last feeding & cross our fingers for a good night's sleep.  We pray together, goodnight kiss, & lights are out.

This is (pretty much) how our days are.  They aren't glamorous by any means.  To some, they probably seem vapid.  Regardless, I love this season of my life.  Ask any old, sweet grandma what they best days of her life were, & nine times out of ten would she tell you they are the days of her kids growing up.  I hope that I will always be able to see the beauty in the countless peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, endless loads of tiny baby clothes piled up in the laundry room, & small fingerprints left on the mirrors. These very days that I'm living right now are the ones I will miss most when my kids are grown & gone.


  1. I love how your words always exude such love for your family. You are a great mom and writer, Lisa.

  2. Goodness your days sounds really familiar haha. Our mornings start out very similar. And yes the naps are heaven!!


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  4. All the photos are just precious! You truly do have the best job in the world and your girls will thank you one day for being such a
    Wonderful mama! Thank you for sharing what a typical day is like for you and your little angels. You are such a beautiful wonderful mom and seem to have a wonderful husband! Life Is Good!

  5. Such a sweet and honest post from a super mama. Thanks for sharing Lisa - also a great insight into life with 2 kiddies.

  6. I just had a baby 5 months ago (mine & my husband's first), and I'm already so nervous about someday bringing another little one into our family. This makes me feel better about it, so thank you! Your family is beautiful and you seem like such a great momma. (I love how Kate is looking up at her daddy in this last picture. Heart melting!)

  7. This is such a sweet post! You make having 2 look so easy! (Even when you talk about the hard days!) Such a beautiful family you have!!

  8. Those early morning cuddles are the BEST!

  9. Cute post :)