Sunday, March 10, 2013

Aubrey's Minnie Birthday Party!

A few months ago when I was thinking about Aubrey's upcoming 2nd birthday, I told myself I would just take it easy this year since I had just had a baby.  A few presents & a sheet cake from the grocery store & we'd call it a day. 

About two weeks ago, it kept bugging me that I wasn't doing a party for her when I knew she would LOVE one, & I didn't really have that great of an excuse to not do it.  Kate was sleeping through the night by then, the girls usually napped at the same time every day, & I decided I had plenty of time to work out the details.  So, two weeks & many nap time hours of crafting later, we threw our Aubrey a Minnie party, & she had a fabulous time!

We didn't go as "all out" as last year, & didn't have quite as many people, but she was surrounded by people that love her & dozens of Minnie decorations, so she had the time of her life anyhow.  

Now get ready for lots of pictures because I don't feel like splitting posts up!

Our cute birthday girl!  She was so happy & excited to see our backyard all decked out in "Minnie"  everything.  Aubrey's adorable Minnie dress was from an adorable etsy shop called Minnie's Child.

 We mainly had "kid food" - and "Minnified" it the best we could.  We had "hot diggity dogs," Mickey shaped chicken nuggets, Mickey shaped PB&J's, potato salad, baked beans, "Fantasia fruit salad", & "Daisy's Doritos".  We also drank "Lem-Minnie-Ade!" (So cheesy, I know!)

 We also gave out old fashioned popped popcorn in cute little pink polka dot popcorn boxes.

Some of the decor I worked on during nap times..

We had a "Sugar Cookie Bar" with frostings & an assortment of sprinkles to decorate a Mickey shaped sugar cookie.

My mom was the talent behind most of the sweets table - she made those adorable Minnie cake pops & the amazing cake as well!  Other than that we had cupcakes & Minnie cookies.  There was definitely enough sweets to go around.  Diabetes much?!

We had fabulous party guests..

Aubrey was spoiled with many gifts..

Then it was cake time!  Aubrey loves singing people the "Happy Birthday" song & was tickled pink that everyone was singing it for HER!  Our friend Lisa captured a video of everyone singing for her - (too bad the wind blew her candle out, haha!)

Kids got to leave with their own handmade Mickey/Minnie ears & a treat box of goodies..

This little chunkaroo was an angel the whole party - the tiniest Minnie guest!

And there you have it - another birthday party come & gone.  We sure love our two year old baby girl!


  1. Looks like such a fun party!!! I love all the details!

  2. Ahhhhhhhhhhh, what an amazing party! I love all the details.

  3. How cute! I bet Aubrey was in heaven with all those Minnie details. Can't believe you put that together in two weeks! Is it bad that this makes me excited to plan my little guy's first birthday? ;) lol And your wardrobe is so cute...jealous!

  4. i LOVE it all! I really love, "come inside, it's fun inside!" and the "Lem-minnie-ade" < soooo adorable! Great job!

  5. Love this! Such a great party!

  6. you did such a great job! love the Minnie theme! and all the cheesy food names..I totally would have done the same :) I love how happy she looks in every picture! and seriously what can't your mom do?!? she's pretty amazing!

  7. Such a sweet party! I couldn't even dream of putting together something like that so last minute. I love that even your outfit matches, you have the best taste in clothing.