Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Aubrey's Second Birthday!

Aubrey woke up on her second birthday to a room FULL of pink & white balloons!  I didn't get any pictures, we were too busy watching our girl freak out in excitement.  She KNEW it was her day!  

I just love that she looks like she has to pee in this picture - out of excitement of course :)

Daddy got up extra early & set up her gift from us - her own trampoline!  She calls it her "jumper" & of course, she loves it. 

Next on our agenda, we were off to her favorite place in the world - Fairytale Town!  Here's some pictures from our fun time there.

After our Fairytale Town fun, Aubrey took a LONG nap since she was so exhausted.  Later that night, we went to a Mexican restaurant right by our house - Aubrey's favorite kind of food!  She was so excited about it she just had to dance!

We ended her special day by visiting both sets of grandparents & enjoying a cupcake.  (She will have cake at her party this weekend!)

I'd say the day was a success & she had a blast on her day all about her!  We sure love our two year old BABY girl.


  1. these photos are so adorable! you all look so cute!!

  2. we LOVE fairytale town! and it looks like you guys were the only ones there! SCORE! Love her trampoline! That is such a great gift for a rambunctious two year old for sure! I might just have to get Nicolas one of those bad boys! Happy Birthday Aubrey! It looks like she had a blast!

  3. Fairytale town looks amazing! I wish we had something like that around here! Happy(belated) second birthday to Aubrey!

  4. Happy bday Aubrey! Lisa, what lipstick did u use, looks really natural :)

  5. Fairytale town looks super cute! We actually just found out a week ago that we'll be moving to northern California at the end of the summer... That looks like a place we'll have to visit! Happy birthday to your little girl!

  6. LOVE her outfit - such a happy day for a special little girl x