Monday, March 25, 2013

the last few weeks, in pictures.

I don't mean to brag, but this little baby smiles & giggles at me more than anyone else.  I think I might just be her favorite person in the world. ;)

 And we found our tongue!

 Probably my favorite picture of all time.  They are so cute!

 She is such a joyful, happy baby.  So easy to make smile. :)

At one of our favorite parks in Downtown Sac - McKinley Park.  

Self-timer-on-a-garbage-can family photo

 Holding a sleeping baby - my favorite.

 Another family park day.  I mean, what else can you do with a toddler & a newborn?

 This was from Aubrey's dr appointment the other week.  Apparently when you turn two you get to wear these sweet gowns :)

This kid begs for "Awts & Cwafts" all day now.  Poor Aubrey has the un-craftiest mom in the world but she sure is trying!

 If she's not begging for arts & crafts, she's outside playing.  Backyards are a lifesaver.

 Can't blame her - it's fun outside! (Especially with her multitude of birthday gifts she got)

Kate has cradle cap BAD so I put olive oil on her head & couldn't help but give her a spiky new 'do.

 Studly dad + pretty baby = lucky mama!

Obsessed with this girl.  


  1. beautiful pictures and gorgeous family!

  2. Seeing Kate's pictures makes me so happy! My baby will finally be here next week!! :)

  3. Kate is so dang cute!! Her little self sitting up in that last photo makes her look so big! Crazy how time flies! :) I love the photo of the two girls that you said was your favorite-too! That one's a framer for sure!! :)

  4. I cannot say enough how BEAUTIFUL your girls are!! Aubrey seriously looks like she has the funnest life a little girl could have and Kate is just the HAPPIEST baby!!! Gunner is ALWAYS smililng too and it makes me so incredibly happy to see him be so joyous all happy all the time - shows that we are doing our jobs right ;)

    Gunner STILL has cradle cap real bad, did the olive oil help??

  5. I'm a stalking stranger, you are beautiful as are your kids. Just thought I'd share a cradle cap trick. Mix baking soda with baby shampoo in your hand and then use a soft scrub brush on her head. Cones right off!!

    1. Thank you for the tip!! I haven't heard that method before, so I need to try it ASAP! :)

  6. Your girls have the prettiest color eyes ever!