Monday, March 4, 2013

today i have a two year old.

Aubrey Jane,

Two years ago today, you were born.

You had full, rosy-red lips & enough brown hair to cover all the babies' heads in the nursery.  You were a beauty & I fell madly in love with you the instant they laid you on my chest .  We named you Aubrey Jane - solely for the reason that we just loved the name.  

Today, two years later, we are even more in love with you - our beautiful brown haired, blue eyed girl.  The longer we know you, the more rich & meaningful our love for you grows.

In the past two years, you have become this bright, hilarious, sweet little girl FULL of personality. You love people.  You love chatting, making people laugh, & you never fail to bring a smile to anyone's face you come across.    You have a zest for life & I'm grateful that you are such a joyful, happy girl.

More recently, you have taken on one of the most important roles of your life so far.  You became a big sister.  I was so nervous before your little sister was born about how you would do not being the baby any longer.  You exceeded my expectations in every way possible.  You love her so much & care about her more than I thought you could even know how.  You love helping bring my diapers, pacifiers, & blankies for your sister.  You ask to hold her several times a day. (only to say, "all done!" the second we set her on your lap of course.) It's amazing how sweet you are to your baby sister when to me, you are still a baby yourself.  It melts me each time I hear you comfort your sister, "It's ok, sister. Mama's comin'!"  or "Aww, no cry, Kate."

Basically, I love everything about you.  Even the things that I don't know about you yet.  I already know I'll love them.

Happy birthday, baby girl.

 Here are some fun facts & details of our baby girl at AGE TWO: (tear)

Stats: 25 lbs.  Size 4 diapers.  Size 6 shoes.  18-24 month clothes.  Not sure how tall, we have her two year old check up in a few days.  (TWO YEAR OLD CHECK UP?!  Can't get over it.)

Favorite Foods: Fruit & cheese.  (Same answer as when she turned one!)  

Favorite Shows: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse & Doc McStuffins

Favorite Songs: Skidamarink, Little Green Frog, Popcorn Popping

Favorite Activities: Playing outside on her slide, going to the park, playing with play dough, standing on a chair & playing with water in the sink, pretend tea parties, & being with her grandparents doing ANYTHING.  

Smarty Pants:  She has known all of her ABC's, shapes, & numbers since she was 19 months, & just recently learned all her colors the other week.  She has a very good memory!  She talks in sentences & is in the broken record stage repeating things allll day long. :)  She also asks, "Why?" for just about everything.  My favorite thing is our "I love you more" contests.  I always beat her at the end and say, "I love you more-est!"  

Other Fun Facts

 She's in the "I do it myself!" stage.  She likes to choose what she wears, & puts on her own shoes & coat. 

 She loves helping out with laundry, dishes, making dinner, etc.  Basically anything I'm working on, she likes to be my little helper.  

She LOVES looking at pictures & videos of her and her sister.  She also thinks every picture in the world of a baby is her sister.

She loves playing piano with mommy.  I can't wait to teach her someday. (Only if she wants to learn.)

She loves climbing on top of things & yelling, "I'm da king!!"  

She MUST sleep with her babies & Minnie lovie in her crib.

She still takes a 3-4 hour nap every day. (However, every once in a while she will boycott naps for a couple days in a row & it terrifies me!)  

She is such a cuddle bug & loves being held & laying her head on my shoulder while I rock her or read to her.  She wasn't as cuddly as a baby, so I love that she is now.  

She has the cutest hair ever.  It is shoulder length & has THE perfect little curl at the end.  People always ask if I style it that way, but it's all natural!

She freaks out when daddy is home.  She drops what she's doing and runs to the door as soon as she hears the garage door opening.  Her and Steve's reunion at 5:00 every day melts my heart!

She loves playing with kids, especially her cousins Caleb & Grace.  She always sleeps reallllly good on a night she plays with them. :)

We have fun plans today to go to Fairytale Town & this Saturday we have a Minnie themed birthday party for our cute two year old.  I hope our birthday girl has the time of her life!  Love her so much.


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  2. Adorable! Happy Birthday Aubrey !!

  3. Happy Birthday Sweet Aubrey! Hope you have a wonderful day celebrating being 2!

  4. Happy Birthday Aubrey! I can't believe how big she has gotten since I've last read your blog. What a beautiful little girl :)

    We're having a minnie/mickey themed party for my daughter whom is turning 2 in May! She is obsessed with Mickey Mouse clubhouse too :)

  5. Aweee too cute! Love the quality of your pictures! What kinda of camera do you have?

  6. Happy birthday to your beautiful girl!!! She is SO SO your mini-me!!!!

  7. What a beautiful little lady she's grown into<3 I feel like it was just yesterday we were reading about HER baby blogs & now she's a toddler! Beautiful blog as always Lisa, I love reading about how sweet of a big sister she is to Kate <3