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I have two little girls very close in age to your babies - can you do a post (or just let me know here ;-) ) how you managed shopping with the two of them? Did Aubrey ride up front & Kate in the basket in a carseat? Did you wear Kate? Details!! :)

I've only shopped a few times by myself with the girls (usually I go while Steve watches the girls on his day off), but when I do go Kate goes in the car seat in the big part of the cart & Aubrey in the front of the cart.  Aubrey gets really antsy so I have to pack a lot of snacks and let her "help" with the shopping by holdings things for me, etc.  I will probably throw Kate in the Ergo as time goes on when we shop, but the past few times she was asleep and I didn't want to wake her! ;)

The rest of the questions I got were emails: (I hid the email addresses)