Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Photos from the past few weeks..

One of my favorite things (when I get a minute) is to upload the pictures I've taken onto my computer & go through them & smiles at the little memories I captured.  Kelle Hampton took the words out of my mouth when she said, 

" One of my favorite things about photography: that moment of "church" at my desk when I am editing photos- given the chance to stare at a moment for much longer than it actually lasted. Noticing things that might have been ignored. Seeing the people and things I love with a different perspective. The art of picture-taking has truly made me a more observant, grateful, life-loving human."

With that being said, here are some photos from the past few weeks of the girls.  Each & every picture makes me smile.  

I can't believe she's already big enough for the "bumbo" phase.  

She pretty much ate half a cantaloupe by herself.  

Aubrey can make Kate laugh harder than Steve or me combined.  

 photo ea3be6d8-099f-4c10-8626-a9934a9765fb_zps5ffc9c54.jpg

 photo 69f637f1-856b-454d-80c8-f02f6aa229fc_zps9360698a.jpg

 photo b72f29a3-82d3-4997-994d-6703454d4351_zps6d669a58.jpg

 photo 0efd82f0-a889-4718-8dfa-d24835e6d21b_zps224e3d71.jpg

Always has to be fully accessorized.  Love that girl. 


  1. What beautiful pictures! I absolutely agree, too. I love going through my camera and smiling back at all of the special moments. <3

  2. Your girls are just beautiful! Their eyes are the most amazing blue.

  3. I love Aubrey's little pony top and Kate's little anchor outfit.. Where do you shop for them? they always wear the cutest clothes :)

    1. Those are both from Target! I get all their clothes from Target, Carters, Baby Gap, Old Navy, & H&M. SOMETIMES Babies R Us. But those are pretty much it!

      And thanks :)