Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend in Tahoe

Steve & his business partner hosted their annual Memorial Day basketball tournament over the weekend, & we decided to tag along as usual.  It's always hard for me to not have the kids on their regular routine, (I'm a nap/bed time nazi)  but it felt wonderful to get out of the house & enjoy the beauty that is Tahoe, CA.  Our friends Grant & Lisa came up as well, (Grant helped out with the tournament), and Steve's sister, so it was nice to have some girl time while the boys worked. 

Our attempt at getting a family picture..

 One of just the mister and mrs will do..

Kate was a good little traveler.  Slept like a champ in the car & Ergo.

 With the girls on the scary, but gorgeous gondola ride!

 The girls..

These little guys circled us and made us nervous for a second :/

Aubrey felt the need to put on Kate's 0-3 month jammies.  

They offered pony rides as an activity by our hotel - Aubrey was scared at first (She's in her scared-of-everything-phase still) but warmed up after seeing little sister sit on it like a champ. :)

 She chose "Gadget," the pony with a pink bow. :)


  1. I love Tahoe so much!!! Glad you had a great weekend :)

  2. What a fun little weekend getaway!! Tahoe always looks so gorgeous! You are so brave for going on the Gondola ride but I am sure the girls LOVED it! Gunner is obsessed with being outside because everything is just so amazing to him, so I'm sure Kate loved all the beauty Tahoe had to offer. And those pictures with the horse rides are adorable!