Friday, May 31, 2013

Recent Photos..

Picture overload today!  Because, you know, there just aren't enough photos of these girls in the world. ;)

Kate & her facial expressions.  Popping in the SD card & going through pictures on the computer is always entertaining..

Besides my nose and chubby cheeks, she is her daddy's clone.  

We went miniature golfing a few weeks ago - Aubrey loved it.  Not so much the golfing, but the picking up the ball & putting it in the hole and yelling, "I did it!" 

I think Kate has a "blankie" now.  This is always the "go to" one that I grab and she loves holding it. Of course it's the expensive Aiden+Anais bamboo blankets... girl's already high maintenance! 

She seriously looks like she's gonna punch me for taking so many pictures. 

It's so hard to get a good picture of Aubrey these days - girl is ALWAYS on the go!  I take so many and they all turn out blurry - describes her personality perfectly.

Kate you're falling out a bit!

One hand on her foot, one hand on her toy.

My mom holding the girls the Saturday before Mother's Day.  We took her to breakfast & got pedicures and had such a fun time.  Aubrey even got her tiny toesies & nails done. :)  Pink polka dots, of course!

It has been a pure, joyful blessing having babies that are so easy to get to smile!  I just love it.  

I'd say Kate is a healthy girl. Rolls for days :)

She looks soo old here. :(

 Right before she spilled the whole. entire. glass everywhere.  

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