Friday, June 7, 2013

FIVE months of Kate Brielle!

What a month it has been for our little Kate!

-She makes the cutest little whimpering-puppy noises when she's about to cry.  It's really pathetic, adorable, & makes it really easy for you to scoop her up and give her snuggles, which is probably what she wanted in the first place :)

-We are still having sleep issues at night but I've just come to accept that I will be getting up multiple times a night for a while.  She usually gets up once around 2-3, then again at 5ish, and up for the day around 7.  With Aubrey we could just stick a pacifier in her mouth, but with Kate, the ONLY way she'll go back to sleep is by a quick nurse.  This soon will pass, I keep reminding myself. 

-Just tried rice cereal mixed with some milk for the first time last night & she gobbled it up!  I'm hoping that she will sleep a bit better with a little bit of solids in her.  Crossing my fingers, because this mama is exhausted.

-She is starting to get on her hands & knees & rock back & forth.  I know that can only mean one thing - crawling is in our near future.  Are we really already at the baby gate stage?  She rolls around and scoots a bit, but it takes her a while. 

-Still the most smiley, happy little thing.  The gym daycare workers always comments on how she's the only baby they can get to smile.  She's one happy girl!  

-  Takes a morning nap around 9, afternoon nap around 1230, & a catnap around 4 each day.  (Sometimes a little car snooze if we are running errands throughout the day, too.)

-Still eating every 2 hours throughout the day.  By this point Aubrey was eating every 4 hours!  The nice thing about it is every time I feed her, it's just a nice reminder to be present in the moment and slow down for a second.  She is so sweet while she eats and smiles, & makes little cooing sounds.  She makes me feel so loved.  

-Lives in the baby carrier.  I have 3 & she seems to like them all now pretty well. I do chores, makeup, make breakfast while wearing her & she loves being close to mama.  She will almost always fall asleep in the Ergo which is nice while grocery shopping. 

-Size two diapers, 3-6 month clothes.  Her jammies are already getting short.  Steve & I make TALL kids!  

- She has lost a ton of hair since she was born but still has just enough to cover her head.  It is the coolest color - almost an auburn-brown.  Her eyes are still bright blue.  I wonder if they will stay.  She is such a cute little chubster.  I could eat her up!

Love our little Katester bunny!


  1. Kate is truly one of the prettiest babies I've ever seen. Love the photos you take too! Where did you get her pink ruffly outfit from? I love it!!

  2. these are great lisa!! beautiful

  3. Goodness you make such beautiful babies! I hope you can get more sleep soon!