Wednesday, June 12, 2013

LIFE update.

I know that my blog has been on the back burner lately - I promise I have good excuses!

We have been busy, tired, sleepy, but happy the past while.  

So, we joined a gym.  Yes, me, the exercise hater.  I exercise.  Every day.  For fun.  I'll admit I didn't have us join just to get in shape.  I joined for 45 minutes of much needed mind clearing ME time every day.  The getting fit & healthy is just the cherry on top.  Steve goes with me 90% of the time so it's kind of a nice little "date" for us.  We motivate each other & we look forward to that part of our day together.  The daycare at our gym is amazing & has tons of activities for kids - a splash pad, a park, rock climbing, you name it!  Aubrey has warmed up to it - (the first few weeks were sobfests at drop off time, broke my heart) but now she goes in & cries when it's time to go!  Kate just chills in the bouncers/swings & smiles away the whole time being her sweet little self.  They also have a pool there so we take Aubrey there after working out sometimes.  Anyways, we are loving it & I'm even starting to feel these little things called muscles on my body.  Hooray!

Another thing that's been taking lots of my time is my new photography business. Yes, that's right - Lisa Anne Photography is officially a business!  I think I've finally found my niche.  A little over a year ago I decided to open a baby headband etsy shop because I was always making headbands for Aubrey anyways & thought I might sell them for cheap since it would always be frustrating finding affordable ones online.  I went for it, and after a couple months realized I HATED making them.  Every time I got an order, I wouldn't be excited, I would actually kind of dread the fact that I would have to fill orders during nap time.  I soon realized it was NOT making me happy so I closed the shop.  Lisa + hot glue gun = bored.  With my photo sessions, I have such fun and it's been such a blessing getting to take pictures of babies & kids for their parents.  From getting the set ups/props ready, shooting, editing the pictures, & blogging them - I LOVE it all.  It's work that doesn't feel like work at all - & the little extra cash it brings in can certainly help my prop buying addiction. :)  I only schedule 1-2 sessions a week & edit the pictures after the kids go to bed so I still get plenty of time with my little girls.  Here's a recent photo from a newborn session - he was so cute.  

Speaking of my little girls - one in particular.  The smiley, chubby one.  KATE has reverted back to her newborn sleeping ways.  She gets up every 2 hours to eat, and since she won't take a pacifier or bottle - it's me getting up each time.  It's been this way for over a month now and really starting to wear on me. Broken sleep is just NOT sleep.  It's been rough, especially because Aubrey refuses to nap most days since she has recently learned to get out of her crib, so I don't get much rest during the day, either.  I'm not sure if it's teething, a milk supply issue, or she's just used to eating that often during the day - but I do know that I'm a zombie. :)  However, I do know this soon will pass (oh please pass!) & I will sleep again one day - & a glorious day that will be.  Until then - I'm a slave for her!   

You better believe it, mom!

Anyways - besides the gym, photography stuff, and being a very sleepy mom of two, things have been great.  As the weather gets warmer we do more outdoor & water activities to fill up our days, which Aubrey is loving.  I'm excited for barbecuing, water parks, & beach trips this summer!  


  1. Glad you are doing well! I hope you can get more sleep soon though, yuck! I can't even imagine going off of little cat naps!

  2. Sorry about the no sleep. I hope she starts sleeping better. Mariam has been a dream come true with her sleepy habits, but Layla was awful. She was a terrible sleeper and didn't sleep through the night till she was 9 months old. Congrats on your new business! Glad you found something you love to do.

  3. I follow your photo FB page and LOVE all the pictures you've taken!! You really are very talented!! Sorry to hear about Kate's sleeping, is she sleeping in your room? She might be actually smelling you and thats why she's waking up. It happened with both my girls and i just needed to move them away from me and they slept much better. That being said, you're right though, it is just a phase and i hope she starts sleeping better soon!

  4. Is the gym you're at a chain or a local one? We're moving to northern California (East Bay area) from Chicago next month and I'm hoping to find a great gym with awesome child care. It sounds like you love the one you're at! If it's a chain, would you mind sharing the name? Thanks!

  5. First off. WOW. Every time I see another one of your photos I seriously fall more in love with your craft. You take GORGEOUS pictures Lisa, you definitely have found your niche!

    Also, WHAT GYM has all those amazing features for little ones?! That sounds incredible! One day (when I am no longer pregnant) I definitely am going to look into finding a gym for us to go that offers childcare for infants as well as toddlers because, well I'll need to lose all this baby fat, and just because I agree - the ME time is priceless.

    And on the sleeping note - Gunner went through that exact phase right around the same age Kate is, and it definitely was hard and wore us both out.. but he did get through it and now is sleeping better than ever. He has his rough nights (and I still get up to check on him a thousand times a night) - but it's definitely an improvement than what it was. It'll get better I promise! Just keep fighting the fight and taking beautiful photos. Luckily walking zombies can still be amazing mommys so you're definitely managing to be a supermom with taking on a new business, gym 5x a week PLUS mommying for 2! You're my hero lady!