Monday, July 29, 2013

Anniversary Countdown - Our story.

This Friday is Steve & my big FIVE year wedding anniversary.  I thought it would be fun to take a stroll down memory lane & do some posts about us before the kiddos joined our lives.

For those of you who don't know our "story," I'll give you the reader's digest version:

2003 - Met by accident via AOL instant messenger (remember when that was a thing, anyone?)  I had first thought I was talking to his cousin, Matt.  Nope! It was Steve pretending to be him on Matt's computer while Matt was away for a second.  Luckily he told me who he really was & kept talking to me.  We ended up meeting up at church dances, school, & football games.  He asked me to go to homecoming with him, & that night we have since declared as our "dating anniversary".  We had our first kiss that night & we were pretty smitten by each other from then on.  

2004-2005 - Lots of falling in love happened in these years.  We were inseparable.  SO many high school dances, church dances, Steve's basketball games, dates, trips with both of our families, etc. etc. etc.  Some of my fondest memories go back to these years of spending every second we could with each other. We were so young and in love; it just makes me smile to look back at these old, scanned pictures of us. :)

2006-2008 - Steve made a decision that has blessed our lives immensely.  He chose to serve the Lord & go on a two year LDS mission to Detroit for our church.  There is no visiting or constant phone calls on missions.  Our only way to communicate was through writing letters and sending tapes.  Missionaries only get two phone calls a year, & they are kept short. I still have all the hundreds of letters we wrote to each other in a big binder & look at them from time to time.  I struggled a lot while he was gone but luckily kept busy with finishing high school, dental assisting school, & working full time to save money.  Needless to say - it was a TOUGH two years apart but well worth it.

I remember the night he came home I was a nervous wreck & spent hours getting ready, & paced around my house like a crazy person.  Would he still like me after two years apart?  As soon as he walked through my door  all my worries flew out the window & it was as if he never left.  We held each other & kissed the whole night, & picked up right where we left off.

Two months later, Steve asked me to marry him on a rock overlooking the ocean, & three months after that we were married for time & all eternity in the Sacramento Temple.

I'm sure lucky to spend forever with this guy.  


  1. so adorable! great photos and congrats to you both!

  2. You guys have always been my idol couple! You guys are always so flirty I just love it.

  3. You guys have a beautiful story :)

  4. Wow. 2 yrs apart. That must have been tough. How nice that you kept all those letters. :)

  5. Wow! are you guys an inspiration or what! Its lovely to read your memories and smile. You make them sound beautiful. your blog is always such an inspiration. Real and uplifting. whenever i check your blog i know I will smile & laugh as you talk about everything with a great sense of humor.

  6. You guys have always been such a strong couple, I remember in high school you were counting down the days till he returned :) I always knew you guys would make it, and what a BEAUTIFUL family and life you guys have built together. So happy for you two lovebirds! And yay for 5 years!! Hope you plan something really fun!