Friday, July 5, 2013

Our Fourth.

Two posts in one day, what?!  Somehow I've found myself with extra time on my hands tonight, so I thought I'd get this post on here so I can be ahead of the game for once!   

Our Fourth of July was spent swimming, eating, fireworks in the front yard, & hanging out with family.     Aubrey was TERRIFIED of the fireworks (wasn't surprised, the kid's afraid of the garbage disposal) but she LOVED swimming & playing with her cousins.  There's a picture in my mom's house with all the grandkids in it that says, "Our home is where cousins become best friends".  Love that she has cousins close in age to play with!  Some of my fondest memories growing up was spending holidays with cousins.  

We have so many family pictures in this same exact spot in my parent's backyard. :)

 Rarely do we ever take a picture with no kids in it, so we had to sneak in a kissing one too like our old cheesy high school days. And we were wearing matching swimsuits ;)

Aubrey is getting braver & braver in the water.  She loves "dolphin rides" on Daddy's back. 

..and getting thrown high!

Kate's first swimming experience happened as well.  The pool was 92 degrees (it was 109 outside) but even then she was still a little unsure.  At least she looked darling in her patriotic suit, right?

Oh, & her towel hoodie.  :)  Gosh she's cute!

Cousins Caleb & Grace!

Grammy & Kate. 

Such a great day celebrating our independence!  Happy Birthday America!  

And happy birthday to my newest little nephew, Liam Joseph that was born Fourth of July morning.  He's in the NICU just for some testing for the next little while, but he is doing great & is ADORABLE.    I wish I had the picture to post but I only have one on my phone!  So cute. :)  


  1. Such a cute family! Lisa you have such cute style and your girls always look so perfect! You all should be in a Parenting magazine.
    Beautiful Photos... Thanks for sharing!

  2. Beautiful photos as always!! That hoodie towel is ADORABLE!! And love all your guys outfits as always, TOO STINKIN CUTE!