Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Recent Pictures.

While looking back through the last month's pictures, I noticed almost ALL of them were of the girls at home.  Ever since upgrading our camera I've been too nervous to take it too many places since it was quite an investment & I'm afraid I will lose it or it will get dropped or SOMETHING terrible will happen to it.  My goal for this next month is to actually take it out - we are always going out & about to parks & such & I have plenty of opportunities to take pictures.  It's tempting to just use my phone but half the time they come out blurry & grainy because my girls are always on the move.  

So I was craving a frosty (story of my life) so we went through the drive thru & they told us they accidentally made an extra.  I decided to be the coolest mom ever that day & let Aubrey go to town in the backyard.  Sometimes you just have to let go  - even if you have to hose your kid down after. :)

 There's this cat that always like to hang out in our backyard  & Aubrey gets so excited when she sees it out there.  Now please go away, cat. You make me itch. 

Before church on Sunday.  

Kate loves standing up now.  Slow down, kiddo.

I love this one of her.  She looks even chubbier & yummier than usual.  

You're falling out of your shirt there, Katester girl. :)

She looks 16 here. :(

We got some baby-free time the other night & had a ride on Steve's uncle's boat.  We went tubing (my first time) & it was so fun & terrifying at the same time.  I used to do things like skydiving & bungee jumping without a fear in the world but now I'm a total pansy.  Guess I'm getting old!

Sometimes before a session, I'll make Steve or one of the girls let me take a shot of them to test my colors & exposure so I don't have to do it when a client is there.  I happened to just love this one, even uncropped & unedited. :)

Kate's first time having rice cereal.  Now she's eating anything & everything.  Before I know it she'll be eating finger foods by herself.  Whhhhy does the baby stage fly by?  

We are in the backyard most mornings (before it gets too hot.)  It's like a circus out there with all the slides, trampoline, bikes, baby pools, etc. but it sure keeps this active girl busy. :)  

Kate trying out her new high chair.  Highly recommend the Boon if you're in the market for one!

Bumbo baby.

Father's Day :)

Aubrey has a book called, "Tutu's Should Be Pink" & she asked me to do her hair like a "Bal-oh-weena".  :)


  1. Oh gosh! You guys made a couple of cute babies :) They're just so sweet! And your photography is so beautiful!

  2. Kate's headbands are so flipping cute!

  3. Oh their little guys are just the greatest dressers ever. I love it. :) And Kate is just delicious!!

  4. I think its good that you have a lot of photos of them at home, usually the only pictures people get of their kids is when they are out and about. But seeing them at home in their true nature is so candid and sweet!

  5. Such gorgeous photos & SUCH gorgeous girls!! I just melt over all the sibling photos and moments you capture. I cannot wait for that!

    And sidenote- I'm totally trying to find a highchair for Gunner since he eats so much baby food & snacks now - so thanks for the tip!

  6. Too much cute to handle in this post! Between little Kate & then Aubrey's "baloweena" bun, seriously way too much..